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Stonefield Fishing Guide

Published on March 28, 2012 by in Fishing

Stonefield is the second zone you will make a stop in when leveling you fishing skill. The minimum fishing skill level you need to be able to fish in Stonefield is 40. Here is what you can catch:

100 catches in Stonefield in Shallow Water:

  • 43 Echidna Fish (white fish)
  • 34 Lesser Crystalfish (white fish)
  • 7 Fantail (green fish)
  • 4 Stonefield fishing artifacts (white, green and blue items)
  • 1 Stonefield normal artifact (white item)
  • 1 Unmarked Supply Box (blue item)

100 catches in Stonefield in Deep Water:

  • 40 Tawny Rockfish(white fish)
  • 38 Creeper (white fish)
  • 19 Cascadefish (blue fish)
  • 2 Stonefield fishing artifacts (white and blue items)
  • 1 Unmarked Supply Box (blue item)

The first thing I noticed is that the drop rate of the blue fishes is quite high when fishing with 300 skill and without using any lure. Also the white artifacts seem a lot harder to fish then the blue and green ones, or maybe some of them have a really high drop rate, but after fishing for quite some time in Stonefield I am still missing one of the white artifacts for the Stonefield fishing set.

Stonefield Fishing Spots

If you are a Defiant and you use the Granite Falls portal or your Teleport to Stonefield planar ability you will end up in front of a pond filled with shallow water. All the lakes in Stonefield, including the lava pools in The Last Valley count as shallow water.

Stonefield Fishing Spots Guide

There are 4 Deep Water spots. At the Granite Falls cascade, at the spot where you land for the Plop! achievement, in the lake at Titan’s Well, in the well itself or in the pools above Granite Falls cascade (but you really don’t want to run all the way there to catch some fish). If you are a Guardian, then your only option is to fill in your Earth Planar Attunment tree and Teleport to Stonefield, unless you like to run long distances.

Stonefield Fish Exchange

There is only a Defiant fish exchange NPC in Stonefield (for obvious reasons), his name is Sualuune and the is located at the back of the inn in Granite Falls, next to the waterfall. In exchange for 3 Cascadefishes or 8 Fantails you can pick between a Granite Falls Major Fishing Award that gives you 250 reputation with Granite Falls or a Granite Falls Tacklebox that may contain boe items around level 20, potions, scrolls, lures, artifacts related to Stonefield, etc.

Stonefield Fish exchange npc sualuune

If you are aiming for getting all the fishing achievements then you will have to travel to the Defiant starting zones if you are a Guardian. Even though these zones share the white fish, the blue and green ones are specific for one area. So are the trophy fishes artifacts.

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