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Stonefield Fishing Trophies

Published on August 2, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Stonefield Fishing Trophies artifact set is made out of the 4 trophy version of the fish that can be caught in Stonefield.

The artifact sets that are required to complete this set are also needed in other artifact sets. The uncommon and rare artifacts are especially hard to fish, so be careful which set you place them on, since you can’t undo it.

This set is made out of 2 common artifacts, 1 uncommon and 1 rare artifact. The rare artifact in particular is quite hard to get. I’m not sure if it’s the artifact pool that is to blame or just being unlucky, but it took forever to get compared with the rest of them.

To complete this set you need to fish:

  1. Trophy Echidna Fish (white), can be caught in shallow water in Stonefield and Gloamwood. It actually has a higher drop rate in Gloamwood then it has in Stonefield, so it proves to be to elusive to catch in Stonefield, hop over to Gloamwood and try your luck there.
  2. Trophy Tawmy Rockfish (white), drops from deep water in Stonefield and in Gloamwood. This artifact has a higher drop rate in Stonefield then it has in Gloamwood.
  3. Trophy Fantail (green), can be fished from shallow water in Stonefield only. It didn’t seem to hard to get so this is one artifact you can cross of your list quite fast.
  4. Trophy Cascadefish (blue), can only be caught in deep water in Stonefield. This is one of the most elusive trophy fish out there, so be careful in which set you place it.

Stonefield Fishing Trophies

The reward for completing this set is a Embroidered Supply Bag which contains 1 Lucky Coin and may also contain level 25 consumables and items.

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