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Undead Fish

Published on August 5, 2012 by in Artifacts, Fishing

Undead Fish is a very special artifact set. This set was added with Patch 1.9 and it’s not very hard to get.

The reason why you would want to complete this artifact set is because of the reward, the Recipe: Feast of Cooperation.

This is the best raid food you can get at this time, at least for the DPS and healers, so any guild that is still on progress or is not cheap would want to use these feasts since they are better then any individual food available.

Completing this artifact set is the only way to obtain the Recipe: Feast of Cooperation.

To complete the set you will need to catch 5 white quality artifact fish from inside the Hammerknell Fortress. This can be done either inside the Hammerknell raid instance or inside the Hammerknell Chronicle.

If you are going in the Hammerknell Chronicle you will have to clear Murdantix and King Molinar and then you can fish next to his throne. The small water pools in Murdantix’s room are not deep enough to fish in.

In the raid version of Hammerknell you can fish either in Molinar’s room after you kill him or after you kill Akylios you can fish in his room.

The artifacts you will have to catch are:

  1. Tentacled Mudskipper (white), has the same icon as the Trophy Creeper, but it’s not the same thing. The Tentacled Mudskipper drops from both shallow and deep water inside Hammerknell Fortress.
  2. Dread Anglerfish (white), can also be caught inside Hammerknell Fortress.
  3. Undying Mackerel (white), looks like a Grouper, careful not to confuse it with something else and lose it like I did :)
  4. Deathbound Ochre Carp (white), this is the rarest of the 5 artifacts needed for this set in my experience. It’s not incredibly hard to get, but it usually takes longer then the rest to show itself.
  5. Everlasting Stickleback (white), is the last artifact fish you will need for this set.

Undead Fish

It took me around 3 hours to fish up the entire set. I’m not sure if using a Timed Trophy Lure helps, but when I used the Timed Magnetic Lure it seemed to help a little bit.

Feast of Cooperation

The reward for completing this artifact set is a Small Bag of Lucky Coins and the Recipe: Feast of Cooperation.

recipe feast of cooperation

Happy fishing !

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