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Baby Necromancers

Published on June 20, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

If any of you were wondering, with what do Special Olympics members fill their free time? Find out that experimenting with morphing items and potions is one of our hobbies.

Though most of us go for “the bigger the better” approach and opt in to use the troll disguise plus the Fury of the Ascended for maximum size, and get stuck in a crafting rift like Skarrj¬†successfully¬†managed to do more then once, some of us considered the other option also and went for “the smaller the cutest”. In the end all small things tend to be cute (except dwarfs). So we came out with a devious plan to overthrow the Trolls and take over the world !

Stuck troll

To be more precise, Kask, our only male cleric to survive throughout Hammerknell progress, managed to find the cutest combination of items ever. I was a bit surprised he found something so cute since so far he only excelled at stunning us with weird wardrobes. This is the end result of his experiment.

Guise of Death

Adorable baby necromancers !

In order to replicate this disguise you need 2 items and a helping friend. The first item you need is the Guise of Death.

Guise of Death 1

This item was available to buy during the River of Soul World Event. It’s still available at the World Event Merchant but you need to have the old currency to be able to buy it. It should be available on the Auction House though.

The second item you need your friend to have is Scotty’s Sheeping Wand.

Scotty's Sheeping Wand

You get this by completing Scotty’s Research Paper artifact set. They drop from Gloamwood and are 4 in total. I believe almost everyone has it.

Scotty's Research Paper

Now all you have to do is get turned into a sheep and use the Guise of Death ! Feel free to run around your guildies in Meridian !

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  1. Bob

    That’s awesome; will try it out in Sanctum. :D

    It’s good to see there are still people who know how to find/make their own fun.

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