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Best spots to farm Planar Attunement Points

Published on January 4, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

Back to the subject of Planar Attunement Points, I noticed that a lot of people are complaining about how long it takes to farm them. The main point of this type of points is to keep you busy for a long time after you reach the level cap. They aren’t designed for people to just get them all in a matter of weeks. Even though they are a major DPS increase and if you had all your Planar Attunement Points capped it would make a difference for the new raid content, it is impossible to get capped unless you put inhuman effort in it. And most people don’t want to spend endless hours killing invasions over and over in Ember Island.

Planar Attunement Farm Spots

For those that do want to spend their time grinding, the best outposts to camp in Ember Island are Obsidian Shore, Fell Fields, Fractured Planes, The Stranglewood and Splinter Shallows. There is usually no one bothering with these outposts because of their weird positioning and because the invasions like to take intricate paths to reach the outpost. My favorite outpost is the one in The Stranglewoods, because when the invasions tire I can just kill some trees and forage them while waiting, just to keep the experience flowing.

Planar Attunement Farming Spots Ember Island
Planar Attunement Stats

The stats granted by filling in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 of the Planar Attunement trees are a real upgrade if you are aiming to be the best. Especially if you are a Mage or a Warrior. Filling up all your Planar Attunement Points can easily make up for another 300-400 DPS which is quite significant given the fact that we are close to the next 20 man raid. I am sure that when they designed the bosses they had an average number of Planar Attunement points that the raid should have. So I am quite sure that having a decent number of Planar Attunement Points is going to matter, and by decent I mean over 300. As a caster you gain 60 Intelligence, 60 Wisdom and 96.5 Spell Power by filling all the relevant Planar Attunement Points. That is a massive boost.

Go grab your Planar Attunement Points !

So spot wasting time, head to one of those outposts and start farming. The more Planar Attunement Points, the bigger those numbers on your screen ! Make sure to upgrade the outpost fully, it will spawn more invasions for every wave. Also, if you have someone to group with it would make it easier. The XP sharing is not that bad and having someone along is better then being alone. Or take the advice of our master of all PA farming and listen to an audio book while grinding. Either way, have fun farming those Planar Attunement Points !

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