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Captain of the Lava Boat

Published on May 4, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

The Earth Wing of Infernal Dawn is really funny. The artwork is amazing, all the shinny crystals leading to Maklamos and then the grandiose volcano heart in which the Lava Boat is being built. The trash is also quite entertaining and let’s not forget about the mini event that you have to complete as you head up to the ship’s deck.

I was waiting to see this fight ever since I heard about Maelforge’s plan to turn all oceans of Telara into lava and then sail them on his Lava Boat. Of course we have to stop for a second and ask ourselves why on Earth would a dragon that can fly needs a ship, but it sounds like a good plan anyway. When Maelforge heard that the Ascendents found the entrance to Infernal Dawn, he sent Rusila Dreadblade to guard the ship. But we triumphed over her and took the ship for ourselves.

If you glance at the achievements for the Rusila Dreadblade encounter you will notice one in particular called Scourge of the Sea.

Scourge of the Sea Rift Achievement

It is a meta achievement and it rewards a interesting vanity item called Rusila’s Swashbuckling Tricorn.

Rusila's Swashbucling Tricorn

If you are a Jack Sparrow fan then you just need to have this hat. It looks amazing and you can truly become the captain of the Lava Ship !

Lava Boat main deck

Here is a close up of Rusila’s Swashbuckling Tricorn.

 Unfortunately for me I fail at dodging the Serrated Blades so I will probably have to wait a long time before I can get my hat. I hope you get yours fast !

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