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City Core Puzzle

In Storm Legion the concept of puzzles has changed. The main priority is no longer finding the puzzle, but collecting the artifact set related to the puzzle. Without completing the artifact set you won’t be able to interact with the puzzle.

For the City Core puzzle you will have to collect the artifact set called “A Knight’s Tour”.

The artifacts for this set can be found only in the area of City Core.

This set is not very hard to complete. There are a total of six artifacts in the set:

1. A Knight’s Tour Page 1 – white quality artifact.

2. A Knight’s Tour Page 2 – blue quality artifact. Probably hidden on some mountain.

3. A Knight’s Tour Page 3 – green quality artifact, the easiest one to find out of the entire set.

4. A Knight’s Tour Page 4 – white quality artifact.

5. A Knight’s Tour Page 5 – green quality artifact.

6. A Knight’s Tour Page 6 – white quality artifact.

A knight's tour

When you complete the set you will get a Glowing Chest and a book called “A Knight’s Tour”. The book is bind on pick up so it can’t be sold on the auction house or traded.

Once you complete the set, collect the book and then you are good to go.

City Core Puzzle Location

To get to the puzzle you need to walk up a vine and jump on a roof. The vine in question is located at exit of Miran Gate, coords: 6984, 10036. Go up the vine, jump on the roof and go all the way to the end of the roof. In the middle tower you will see a statue (knight) that you can click. Use it and it will take you to the puzzle.

City Core Puzzle Solution

If you are familiar with the game of chess you probably heard about the Knight’s Tour. The objective of the game is to touch every square on a 6 by 6 board using the L shaped moves of a Knight from a chess game.

City Core Puzzle

You control the Knight using the 8 idols under the board. Each idol triggers a certain L move as seen in the image above.

To complete the puzzle you have to move the night around and touch each glyph 3 times in order to make them glow white. When you touch them once they turn Green, Blue on the second touch and White on the 3rd touch. If you touch them a 4th time they turn Red again.

I would suggest getting used to the controls first. Don’t be shy to click around until you understand how the controls work and then you can focus on turning all the glyphs white. The puzzle is easy to solve so feel free to experiment, you can’t break it :)

City Core Puzzle 1

After all the runes turn white you will receive the key that opens the chest.

If you are still struggling with this puzzle you can learn more about the Knight’s Tour game here. Good luck !

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4 Responses

  1. lecktor

    dont get a book from chest get A Collection of Pages from A Knight’s Tour. and have no clue what to do with it it dont do nothing near the puzzle

  2. Raloris

    Now it is even harder to complete the puzzles because you need 5 of the seemingly useless item A Magical Sheep Dropping from the achievement “Playing Sheep Dog” in the Kingdom of Pelladane then you trade those and the missing pages to a vendor underwater near the planar vendors in tempest bay for the whole book. Then you can do the puzzle. Thanks Trion (Y)…

  3. [...] Solving this puzzle requires five of the item ‘A Magic Sheep Dropping’.  This item is a rare drop from common mobs in Pelladane and Cape Jule.  When solved, A Knight’s Tour rewards the  Knight Chess Piece.  The puzzle itself can be found in City Core.   Rift Gameplay Journal offer their solution to the puzzle. [...]

  4. Tom

    Once you get the Collection of pages, you have to do the Daily quest in Chikbo’s Plane in Pelladane. Eventually, you’ll get an item called “A magical Sheep Dropping”. Get 5 of them, and then take those and the page collection to a vendor that is located in the water in TB. (jump down the bridge). You can collect the book by trading the missing pages and the sheep droppings to it.

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