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Conqueror: Rise of the Pheonix

After weeks of just rushing everything we have decided to take our time and complete the achievements needed for Conqueror: Rise of the Pheonix and get our hands on the pretty lava bird that can’t fly, also known as Ashe. I thought that it would require quite a few wipes but it’s proven to be quite easy, you can probably get it in one run if you put your mind to it.

It’s just one of those things that you only do once in a lifetime so why wouldn’t you take your time and see what Trion thought it would be a challenge to do. With the new tier of gear from Infernal Dawn these achievement should come easier to complete with each passing reset.

Conqueror: Rise of the Pheonix
How to get Conqueror: Rise of the Pheonix

Most of the achievements are straight forward: kill the boss and kill the boss without any of the raid members dying. For the first boss, Ereandorn, there are 3 achievements: Entry Denied, Controlled Blaze and Gate Keeper.  Entry Denied requires you to kill the boss, Gate Keeper is earned when the boss is defeated without any raid members dying and the “hardest” one is Controlled Blaze. To get Controlled Blaze, no party member has to take damage from Excitable Combustion. Easiest way to do that is to have all the people stack behind the boss in melee range, except the bard. If you do it that way, Excitable Combustion will only be applied on the bard and he can stop doing anything until the debuff wares off. It help if he equips tank or pvp gear for a little extra health.

For the second boss, Beruhast, there are also 3 achievements. Brief Candle is awarded for killing the boss, Torch Bearer requires you to defeat the boss without any raid members dying and the last one, Inflammable, is gained when Beruhast is defeated without gaining any stacks of Blazing Soul. To prevent him from gaining Blazing Soul the add needs to be killed as fast as possible. One of the easiest way to do this boss is to have only one tank for the boss and just have the dps nuke down the add as soon as it spawns. If you have enough dps you can prevent him from casting Meteor or Flame Leap so you can just stack on the tank and move a little bit when the fire on the ground reaches you.

For General Silgen, the 3rd boss in Rise of the Pheonix, there are also 3 achievements: Final Orders for defeating the boss, Master Tactician for killing the boss without any raid members dying and Strength of the Gods the hardest achievement in Rise of the Pheonix. To gain Strength of the Gods you need to defeat General Silgen without freeing the priests. That means you will need a lot of good healing to survive the Incinerate. The good part is that you can stack quite a few healers because there is no time limit. Probably there is an enrage timer but I’m sure you can take your time. Normally the limit is the number of priests, but now you can have extra Incinerates. It is advised to have 1 pyro/chloro with 1 second GCD that focuses on dispelling alone, then some combination of cleric healers and bard(s). You will need to try it out and see what works for you, but Chloros are not advisable since they don’t have sustainable Aoe healing. Our setup was: 1 tank, 2 bards, 2 sentinel/wardens, 1 senticar, 1 dps warrior, 2 dps mages, 1 marksman (to avoid stacking to many people in melee) and it took us 5 tries to get the achievement.

Strength of the Gods

For the last boss, High Priest Arakhurn, there are also 3 achievements. Flipping the Bird is earned for defeating the boss. Wingman is awarded if no raid member is killed during the encounter. The trick for getting this achievement is to be careful with DPS when phase 2 starts and allow the tank to pick the boss up. This is the point where most casualties occur. The last achievement for High Priest Arakhurn is The Floor is Lava. For this achievement to trigger, no raid member has to take damage from the lava. It’s quite hard to fail this achievement, the most common cause of it failing is if you have a rogue tank and he blinks in the lava. Rather then that it should be quite easy.

I hope this will help you on your way to Conqueror: Rise of the Pheonix !

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  1. SO fanboi

    Wow you guys are definitely in a different league, my guildies and I struggle on Beruhast and, though I’ve only tried Julgen with them once, I dont think they’ve downed him yet. :p
    Keep up the good work, I count on you and your guildies to remain at the top! :)

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