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Conquest Perks

Published on July 10, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

Every Warfront has it’s own faction and the Quartermasters sell you items based on the amount of reputation you have. For Conquest there is no such system. Conquest relies on Conquest Points/Power and as a reward you earn Conquest Perks. When you check your Conquest interface you will see that it refers to Conquest Points but during the Conquest match you earn Conquest Power. I think it’s meant to be called Conquest Power but someone was in a hurry when he made the interface and made a mistake.

These Perks are quite good and remain active outside Conquest as well. I am sure that these Perks will help a lot of guilds to progress faster in Infernal Dawn.

But let’s see what these Perks are all about.

Conquest Perks

There are 3 Perks, each having 3 ranks and in order to benefit from all of them you will have to gain 180.000 Conquest Power.

The first Conquest Perk is called Recognition and it affects the amount of Favor Gained. The first rank of Recognition will increase your Favor gain by 3%. To obtain this Perk you only have to earn 1.000 Conquest Power. The second rank of Recognition increases the amount of Favor you earn by 6% and it becomes available after you earn 17.500 Conquest Power. The last rank of Recognition awards 9% extra Favor and you get it after you gather 80.000 Conquest Power. These Perks stack. So when you reach 80.000 Conquest Power you will be earning 18% extra Favor.

You can imagine the amount of Favor raining down on you after you get these Perks and you join “Nightfarm”.

The second Conquest Perk is called Swiftness and it increases both your mounted and unmounted movement speed. The first rank of Swiftness is available at 5.000 Conquest Power and it will increase your speed by 1%. The next rank of Swiftness is gained at 30.000 Conquest Power and it’s a 2% increase in movement speed. The third rank of Swiftness will increase your movement speed by 3% and you can get this Perk when you have 125.000 Conquest Power. These Perks stack also. In the end you will have 6% extra movement speed, both in PvP and in PvE.

This is not bad to have. Most of use already use the Insoles in raids to help us move faster. This will just make you even faster. If it happens to tunnel vision during an encounter and miss a mechanic you might just be able to get out of it in time (like me on Laethys).

Finally, the third Perk you can get from Conquest is called Readiness and it is amazing. It increases your Spell Power, Attack Power, Max Health and Vengeance by 1% for the first rank, 2% for the second rank and 3% for the last rank. This adds up to a total of 6% extra Spell Power, Attack Power, Health and Vengeance. This is just to good not to get. Even if you are a raid logger you should take the time to get your Conquest Power up and get these Perks.

The first rank is available at 10.000 Conquest Power, the second rank at 50.000 and the third rank at 180.000.

How to earn Conquest Power ?

Trion likes to chance the way Conquest Power are earn every week so this is subject to change.

There are 2 ways to earn Conquest Power, one active way and a passive way. The passive way refers to the fact that during a Conquest match, every 10 minutes you will earn Conquest Power automatically. The amount you receive is based on the % of Stillmoor your faction controls at that time. The higher the % the more power you get. If I remember correct you get around 540 power for controlling 52% of Stillmoor, 810 power for holding 72% and 930 power for 90% so it’s a decent amount of points. A game usually lasts more then one hour so you should earn at least 3.000-3.500 Conquest Power just from being in the dominant faction.

The active way to gain power is to run around and help capture Extractors. For each enemy Extractor you help capture you will be awarded 100 Conquest Power. To get these points you either have to hit an enemy Extractor or if it is already dead you have to stand next to it until your faction gains control. The neutral Extractors only give 10 Conquest Power, so for the first 5 minutes of the game you can go tag the mini bosses and get Marks of Conquest, you won’t be missing on Conquest Power.

If you want to get some fast Conquest Power you will have to join Oathsworn because they capture a lot of Extractors and also hold control of 50% or more for the entire duration of the game. If you missed the start of the battle and Oathsworn is full then you can go with Dominion. They won’t be as good as Oathsworn but you will still get a decent amount of Conquest Power.

Conquest Power Decay

Your Conquest Power will decay over time if you don’t play Conquest. I tried to theorycraft on how much Conquest Power you lose and at what rate but I couldn’t come up with anything accurate. It seems that if you play 1 Conquest game each day it’s enough to cap your Conquest Power again. I believe you lose around 2.000 Conquest Points a day. Also, if you don’t do any Conquest games for 2 days you will lose points faster. Once again, I’m not sure how the decay works exactly, only one thing is sure, you have to play at least 1 Conquest game a day to maintain your Conquest Power cap.

There is also a 20.000 Conquest Power buffer. The Conquest Power cap is 200.000 and the last Perk only require 180.000. So if you maxed out your Conquest Power you can go for a few days without playing Conquest and you won’t lose your Perks.

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