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Dimensions are the equivalent of player housing but with a Rift twist added to it. Instead of being given a standard house, you gain access to a piece of Telara. It can either be a house and it’s surroundings, a part of a city or just an amazing area.

Beside raiding, dimensions are going to be my favorite part of Rift, so you are going to find a lot of dimension related posts here.

Once you buy the key to one of the dimension, that part of Telara becomes yours and you can decorate it and change it as you want, by yourself or with the help of your friends or guild mates.

There are 2 types of Dimensions: Player Dimensions and Guild Dimensions. As you probably figured out already the player dimensions are designed for individual players and the guild dimensions are designed for entire guilds to fit in.

Player Dimensions

Trion promised us a lot of fun with Dimensions and also a lot of locations to chose from. So far only the fun part came true, I am still waiting on the locations, but I guess they have all the time in the world to keep adding things to Dimemsions after the Storm Legion launch.

So far we can pick between the following locations for our player dimensions:

1. Warden’s Point is a starter dimension located in Freemarch. You can obtain the key for this dimension as soon as you make it out of the starting area as a Defiant. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s a quest reward. I don’t know if the key to this dimension can be obtained by Guardian players, I will investigate more.

2. Sanguine Shores is another starter dimension located in Silverwood. The key to this dimension can be obtained as soon as a character exits the starting area as a Guardian. Because it is a quest reward, this key doesn’t cost anything.

3. Dolcega Valley is one of the smallest dimensions available so far. This dimension is located in Kingdom of Pelladane  and it is available for both Guardians and Defiants.

4. Faen’s Retreat is a lovely dimension in Shimmersand. It’s a great spot for a summer vacation home and I can see a lot of potential in this zone.

5. Dormant Core is a very adorable dimension. It’s located on Ember Isle and you probably know what it is. The giant crater next to Ember Watch and the surroundings. This dimension is HUGE. You can build really high and divers in this zone.

6. Shoreward Island is a truly unique dimension and it allows players to build outside the box. The dimension is located on the small island between Freemarch and Silverwood. It has a small house and a tower by default, but there are amazing things you can build there.

Dimensions 1

7. Stone Flask Tavern is the biggests dimension available so far. It is the inn from Granite Falls in Stonefield and it also includes the waterfall behind it and the small house to it’s left.

Guild Dimensions

For extra added fun we also get Guild Dimensions. These dimensions are bigger so they can fit an entire guild. There will also be special items that drop from raid bosses which you can place inside your guild dimension. The entire guild can contribute and help build the dimension!

The guild dimensions are not yet available on Beta so no one got the chance to decorate one yet, but I do know some of their locations:

1. Golem Foundry is one of the new Storm Legion dungeons and it will also be available as a guild dimension. It’s a small area for a guild house if you ask me, but I guess not everyone wants a large space.

2. Halls of Shaping is a guild dimension located inside Hammerknell Fortress. If your guild feels nostalgic about HK, you can set base camp inside it and remember the old days. Halls of Shaping is the big room between Murdantix and Zilas.

3. Stone Flask Tavern also comes in a guild dimension version. The player dimension version is already really big, but I hope the guild dimension is going to be even bigger. I would love to be able to play with the lake in front of the inn as well.

4. Tuldio Sun Orb dimension is located in the Kingdom of Pelladane and it offers a superb view. This is a spacious dimension and the guild can get very creative in this dimension.

5. Caer Kholum guild dimension is located in the south of Stillmoor. It’s cool to have a fortress as your guild dimension, I hope the object limit is going to be really high so guilds can turn this into a really sweet place.

Dimension interface

To enter a dimension first you must obtain a key, either by buying one or by completing the dimension starter quest. When you enter your dimension you will see this bar pop up.

Dimension controls

The first icon on the top bar is your Dimension Items and it lists all of the items in your dimension. You can chose which item to edit from the list or you can pick them up.

The second icon allows you to Invite Guests to your dimension, like the the guests lists from the wedding ceremonies.

The big wrench in the middle toggles the Edit Mode on and off. When you enter a dimension the edit mode is off by default. You can run around your dimension but you can’t move items around. If you want to redecorate all you have to do is press the wrench and you switch to edit mode.

The fourth button on the top bar is the Help & Tips menu. Quick hints and tips about dimensions, key shortcuts for duplicating items, moving groups of items around, etc.

If you press the last button on the top bar you will Leave the dimension.

Underneath the first bar there is a “+” with a small arrow next of it and a number. That is your dimension level and the object limit. When you press it you will Upgrade your dimension. Most dimensions go up to level 4 at the moment and the cost of leveling them in yet unknown.

Next to the upgrade is the dimension rank. The number shows how many votes the dimension received. To vote for a dimension all you have to do is click the “+” next to that number and Recommend the Dimension.

On the bottom bar there are the Edit Mode tools. The first button is the XYZ and it allows you to move the selected item up, down, left, right. It’s going to be a bit tricky to learn how to use with with finesse if you weren’t very good at geometry :) But practice makes perfect so keep trying.

The second button allows you to Rotate items. Again, you can rotate on 3 axes so it might be a bit tricky to fully master.

Next is the Scale button, which lets you scale objects. Even though on their live stream Trion said that we can scale objects as big or as small as we want, there is a limit on it :( Each object has different limits and some can’t be scaled at all.

The fourth button allows you to Place items easily. It works the same way as the ground targeted AoEs work. Use the Place option to roughly position items where you want them and then fine tune the position with the XYZ potion.

The last button is the Pick Up and you can guess what that does.

Rank your favorite dimension

If you want other people to be able to check out your dimension you can make it public. When someone visits your dimension they can give you a “+1″ vote. These votes get added together and they create your dimension rank.

This is still work in progress, but here is what it looks like.

Dimensions 2

To open the Dimension interface press “[” or go to Social -> Dimensions. Under the Mine tab you will find all your dimension keys that you purchased on your character and also you can set Dimension permissions.

Under Alts you will see the active dimensions on your alts and their ratings.

In the Friends tab you see the active dimensions of the people you have in your friends list along with their ranking.

The Guild tab shows all the dimension keys you purchased for your guild. This tab also control the permissions for the guild dimension.

Guildmates tab lists all the active dimensions of your guildies. The first thing I want to see is what Sharogy’s and Kask’s dimensions are going to look like.

Under the Public (Weekly) tab you will find the dimension rankings for the current week. It’s like a leaderboard for dimensions.

Finally the Public (All Time) tab displays the most voted dimensions of all times.

I’m not sure if you will be able to visit and vote for dimensions cross shard, but I hope we can so I can spy on everyone’s dimension !

Dimension Items

I can think of so many items I would like to place in my dimension it’s not even funny. But for now I will have to deal with a limited amount of items. Nonetheless, dimensions have potential to be extended and added to for a very long time.

So far we have:

1. Rocks: X types of rocks are available to place inside your dimension. For prices, item preview and other details check out Dimensions: Rocks.

2. Trees: there are X types of trees that can be placed in dimensions. They come from different vendors and/or recipes. For more information check out Dimension: Trees.

3. Lighting: to make your dimension shine bright you can use X lighting sources. These can be either bought or crafted. Details can be found here Dimensions: Lighting.

4. Furniture: to decorate your dimension you can use X pieces of furniture. This includes chairs, tables and bookcases. More information on the subject can be found here Dimensions: Furniture.

5. Flowers: there are a lot of landscaping items available. Not as many as I would wish, but still quite a few. Preview, prices and details on the flowers can be found at Dimensions: Flowers.

6. Planar items: the planar vendors also offer dimension items and recipes. You can find a preview of them here Dimensions: Planar items.

7. Skies: a nice dimension feature are is the sky. You can change the sky by placing a specific item inside your dimension. A preview of these skies and details on where to get them can be found here Dimensions: Skies.

8. Music: another interesting dimension feature is the ambient music. You can change it by placing a specific item in your dimension.

9. Other decorations: stuff that doesn’t have a big category goes in the “other” pile :) . For a detailed list of these items check Dimensions: Decorations.

I hope I can soon add a 10 category, Dimension: Raid drops. Trion promised we will get dimension items from raids so I’m looking forward to seeing them.

Also key to dimensions will drop from raid bosses and maybe from mobs that populate the areas where the dimension is going to be located.

Dimensions have great potential and I am sure we will see them evolve overtime. This is the start of a great thing ! I hope this will also revive Rift economy a little bit.

All the crafted items will require old materials as well, so they won’t be completely worthless either. Not a bad idea at all :)

Keep in mind this is beta content and it might change at any point. But until then, enjoy !

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  1. Jess

    Thank you for this resource. One question though, Is Tudlio Sun Orb the retreat in kingdom of pallandane and if so how much of it do you get?

  2. admin

    Not sure, didn’t run around all over it yet. Going to fishing my dungeon guides and then the dimensions :)

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