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Dragon Eggs Tactics

The Dragon Eggs encounter is like a checkpoint in the Maelforge fight. As Trion stated many times, they don’t want their encounters to last 20 minutes like Akylios did, so the Dragon Eggs encounter is nothing more then a preview of Maelforge and some free loot.

At the end of this fight you will end up with 3 pieces of epic loot, one of it being a trinket. This is Trion’s way of giving you a hug and a congrats after defeating Laethys.

So relax and enjoy a fun fight. Well deserved relaxation after Laethys. And if you still have any mages left in the guild by then, they will have a shot at an upgradable chest that is quite good and drops from this boss.

Dragon Eggs - Infernal dawn

Dragon Eggs Tactics

This encounter has 3 Phases. Nothing complicated, just some easy mechanics here and there so you don’t get the loot for free.

Phase 1

In this Phase you will fight Maelforge. He has 17.9 milion HP and you will have to DPS half of it in order to move on to Phase 2. In this phase Maelforge has 4 abilities:

  • Molten Spray: fire breath on the tank, ticks for 8k.
  • Magma Torrent: 2 seconds cast, it will launch some fire bolts at the entire raid. When they land they will hit for 4k initial damage then place a dot that will tick for 3k. It has to be dispelled asap.
  • Melt Armor: places a 30 seconds debuff on the tank, decreasing his armor to 0. This is a tank swap mechanic. As soon as Melt Armor is done casting, the second tank needs to taunt the boss.
  • Lava Pools: he will spawn lava pools under the tank, he needs to move out of them.

Besides his abilities you need to worry about a blue bubble spawning randomly on a player. If you don’t move out it will stun you can deal damage. Also there will be some fire waves coming and going, like the ones on Ituziel. Just ignore them, they don’t fit for to much, not worth moving out of them.

Tank Maelforge parallel to the edge of the platform and move him along the edge while the raid spreads out a little bit in the middle. Make sure you have clerics with aoe dispell to cover the entire raid and the melee. Keep in mind that Magma Torrent has a travel time so it will hit the melee before it hits the ranged. Don’t pop the aoe dispells to early.

Phase 2

After you get Maelforge to 50% he will fly off and some green circles will appear on the platform and guide you to a transition platform. You got plenty of time to get off the main platform and get ready to transition. The entire room will fill with lava and the transition platform will float on it. The lava will raise you at the same level with the platform holding the eggs.

To access the eggs you have to kill 6 Magma Cannons that will spawn around the room. To get to these cannons you will have to jump between platforms. Once you jump on a platform you have 5 seconds to get off it before it’s going to sink in the lava. The middle platform and the ones on which the cannons are will not sink. Also a Lava Elemental will spawn when the platform sinks. Each Magma Cannon is protected by a Magma Phoenix. Kill the bird then kill the cannon and move to the next platform.

The Magma Cannon has 4 abilities:

  • Fireball: can be interrupted, hits for 4k.
  • Molten Blast: can be interrupted, hits for 8k.
  • Sulfuric Torrent: can’t be interrupted and places a green dot on the raid, must be dispelled.
  • Binding Hex: can’t be interrupted, everyone facing the cannon will be stunned for 5 seconds, just face away when you see the cast.

Maelforge himself will place some red circles on the ground during this phase, just move away from them. Each tick of the red circle hits for around 2k.

After all 6 cannons are dead you can go on the platform holding the 3 dragon eggs and phase 3 of the encounter begins.

Phase 3

In this phase you will have to kill the 3 eggs at the same time. Each egg has 532k HP so they will die quite fast. The tanks job is to pick up the Lava Elementals and the Magma Phoenixs that spawn and tank them somewhere at the edge of the platform. The rest of the raid should stack on the egg they are currently DPSing. Every 45 seconds a debuff will be placed on a raid member. A big yellow circle will spawn around him. He needs to move away from the raid. Everyone caught in that circle will get stunned and take 7k damage. The range of this circle is quite big so the raid needs to be as stacked and as close to the edge of the platform as possible so there is space for the debuffed person to move to.

Kill the eggs, loot the check and off you go to Maelforge !

Dragon Eggs Raid Setup

For this encounter you will need 2 tanks. After that anything else will be fine. If you want to be on the safe side you can have all the cleric to go senticars with 2 combat resses or have half your raid go healing. It really doesn’t matter. I would say bring the warriors, since they will be benched for Maelforge and you don’t want them to fill left out ^^.

2 tanks: anything will do as long as they can taunt. We used our usual setup of 1 cleric 1 warrior.

5 healers: 1 chloromancer, 4 senticars with 2 combat resses.

13 dps and support: just our usual raid setup of 3 warriors, 1 cleric dps, 5 rogues and 4 mages.

Dragon Eggs Achievements

There are two achievements for the Egg encounter. I know it sounds wrong but we have to fight some eggs in order to get to Maelforge. The first achievement is to Destroy the dragon eggs. The name of the achievement is quite weird: Breaking Babies up in this Piece, but hey, it’s as weird as having to fight some eggs.

Breaking Babies up in this Piece - infernal dawn

The second achievement is a fast kill version of this encounter. You have to defeat the dragon eggs within 6 minutes of engaging Maelforge. It’s possible if you don’t overheal the encounter, but given that there is no enrage timer on this fight I am sure most guilds will do this the safe way. To get this achievement you have to maximize the dps.

Eggs Over Easy

Have fun, this is one funny fight !

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