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Droughtlands Fishing Guide

Once you get 150 fishing skill you can pack your bags and move to Droughtlands. Droughtlands… by the sound of it you wouldn’t think there is much water there but it’s been raining lately and the pools of water are stacking up. I’ve been trying my luck there and here are the results.

100 catches in Dorughtlands in Shallow Water:

  • 43 Pale Flycatcher (white fish)
  • 35 Jasper Snapper (white fish)
  • 13 Burrowing Crab (green fish)
  • 5 Desert Greenling (blue fish)
  • 2 Droughtlands fishing artifacts (white item)
  • 1 Sunken Treasure Cache (blue item)
  • 1 Droughlands normal artifact (green item)

100 catches in Droughtlands in Deep Warter:

  • 42 Verdant Angel (white fish)
  • 38 Vermillion Stoneskin (white fish)
  • 10 Aestivating Nautilus (green fish)
  • 5 Sunken Treasure Cache (blue item)
  • 4 Droughtlands Puffer (blue fish)
  • 1 Droughtlands normal artifact (green item)

At 300 skill and without using any lure I didn’t have any fishes that got away and I didn’t catch any grey items.

Droughtlands Fish Exchange

In Droughtlands there is only one NPC that exchanges fish and can be used by both Guadian and Defiants. His name is Ashor and it’s at the bottom of Lantern Hook, next to the dungeon entrance. He will accept 3 Droughtlands Puffers or 3 Desert Greenlings or 8 Aestivating Nautiluses in exchange for one Arcane Hand Major Fishing Award that gives 250 reputation with the Arcane Hand or one Arcane Hand Tacklebox that may contain fishing lures or potions/scroll/artifacts related to Droughtlands.

Droughtlands Fishing Spots

It’s been raining a bit in Droughtlands and some new water pools have formed. I didn’t spend to much time charting the new water spots, but here is a map of what I found so far. The light blue marks the areas with shallow water and the dark blue marks the deep water areas.

Droughtlands Fishing Guide and Fishing Spots

The closest and mostĀ convenientĀ deep water spot I could find is the Lantern Hook dungeon entrance. Just sit next to the fish exchange NPC and cast away into the well. Another spot that counts as deep water is where Droughtlands borders with Lake of Solace. You need to cast really far from the shore to reach deep water. The rest of the water counts as shallow water. This includes the tar pools at Harlan’s Lament and the water pools from Splitmouth Pools. All the mini pools located along the road can be fishes in and count as shallow water.

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  2. Steps In It


    37 Pale Flycatchers (Green)
    30 Jasper Snappers (Green)
    9 Burrowing Crabs (Green)
    8 Fish Slime (Gray)
    5 Torn Tentacles (Gray)
    3 Desert Greenlings (Blue)
    3 Sunken Treasure Chests (Blue)
    1p 39g 30s
    3p 79g 41s
    3p 84g 8s
    3 Artifacts (2 Green/1 Blue)
    2 Shed Fins (Gray)

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