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Ember Isle Fishing Guide

To be able to fish in Ember Isle 240 fishing skill is necessary. I did a small test for each area to try and get a rough idea about the drop percentages. This has been done with 300 skill and without using any lure.

100 catches in Ember Isle Shallow Water give:

  • 35 Brown Perch (white quality fish)
  • 26 Isle Crab (white quality fish)
  • 12 Algae Frond (grey item)
  • 8 Tiny Conch (grey item)
  • 8 Amphibious Jelly (blue fish)
  • 7 Ember Stoneskin (green fish)
  • 1 Ember Isle fishing artifact (white quality)
  • 1 Ember Isle old artifact (white quality)
  • 1 Dropped Tail (grey item)
  • 1 Glorious Treasure Cache (blue item)

So with 240 skill and without using a lure you still have around 21% chance of catching grey useless items. As expected the blue drops are at 10% and the white drops constitute the majority of the catch at 63%. This is a very small sample but it gives a rough estimate on what to expect. Once you reach 300 skill there will be no more grey items to fill up your bags.

100 catches in Ember Isle Deep Water give:

  • 39 Glossy Mackerel (white fish)
  • 23 Teal Grouper (white fish)
  • 10 Tiny Conch (grey item)
  • 10 Algae Frond (grey item)
  • 7 Deep Ray (green fish)
  • 6 Ash Shark (blue fish)
  • 2 Dropped Tail (grey item)
  • 2 Glorious Treasure Cache (blue item)
  • 1 Ember Isle fishing artifact (blue item)

The percentages seem to be the roughly the same for both deep and shallow water. If you are curious what’s in those Treasure Caches it can be pretty much anything. They always award platinum, any amount from 3 to 6 platinum in each cache and the platinum can be accompanied by either a boe blue item, a fishing artifact, a normal artifact, a fishing lure, glorious mana or hp potion, scrolls, etc.

Ember Isle Fishing Spots

Since Ember Isle is surrounded by water there is no shortage of fishing spots. All along the shore line you can find both Deep and Shallow water. The water in the Dormant Core is mostly shallow water, except for under the waterfall, the place where you jump for Cliff Diver achievement. The water pools around Wellspring Flats count as shallow water and they drop the same fish as the normal shallow water. Same goes for the lava pools situated around Mount Carcera.

Ember Isle Fish Exchange

For each zone there are faction NPCs that are willing to accept some types of fish in exchange for reputation or a tacklebox that can contain special lures. For Ember Isle there are 3 of these NPCs willing to reward you in exchange for you fish.

Ramel is the exchange NPC for the Kelari Expedition and he is located on the docs in Talos Landing. In exchange for either 3 Amphibious Jelly or 3 Ash Shark you can pick between a Kelari Major Fishing Award that grants 250 reputation with the Kelari Expedition or a Kelari Tacklebox which can contain rare lures, potions, artifacts, scrolls, other random drops.

For The Keepers, we have Naro, a NPC located at Ember Watch. Same as Ramel, for either 3 Amphibious Jelly or 3 Ash Shark you can choose between a Keepers Major Fishing Award or a Keepers Tacklebox.

The last NPC is Eara, representing the Farclan, located in Fort Zarnost. Same as the previous 2 NPC, for handing in 3 of the blue fish available in Ember Isle you can pick between a Farclan Major Fishing Award or a Farclan Tacklebox.

Ember Isle Fishing Guide and other info

All the exchange NPCs have a box over their head. The box is also visible on the minimap, like the one from the World Event NPCs. You can only see the box and talk to the NPCs if you have fishing trained. At the moment it doesn’t matter if you have 1 fishing skill, you can turn in fish to any NPC. At this point there is no other use for the Ember Isle blue fish except from turning them in for reputation or tackleboxes. The Rare Artifact Attractor lure drops from the Ember Isle boxes, thus I think fishing in Ember Isle is going to be quite popular. The lures are not bop, so I can see people speculating with them on the Auction House.

Not all Ember Isle fish have a use at the moment because the recipes for Survival are not complete and Trion is still working on adding new features to fishing. Will keep you updated, until then keep on fishing !

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