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Rift Puzzles – Ember Isle

This is a simple guide for the Rift Puzzles in Ember Isle. The puzzle is located near Nykantor ruins. The area is confusing, so one easy way to remember the route is to go in the outpost, take the exit to the North via the stairs, go up the stairs, turn right, go down the stairs, turn left, go down the stairs all the way to the bottom, then turn left again and you’re at the correct spot. Just look for the Mysterious Plaque around the corner. Careful not to aggro to many of those black ghosts, you can’t use the plaque while being in combat.

The puzzle has two level. In order to get the achievement Ember Enigma and the reward you need to complete both. The reward is quite nice, a class appropriate lesser with water resistance and a cute pet, Bernie.

In order to complete the first level of the puzzle you need to light up all the 8 lights in the middle section. There are 4 stones that you can click on. Every time you click a stone some of the lights turn on and some turn off. The key is to find the order in which you need to click them in order to get all the 8 lights to turn on. You have a limited number of attempts before the puzzle resets. To complete the first level, face your character to the North (the North of the minimap). The click the stone to the West and then the one to the South. Keep clicking them in this order until you receive an emerald key. A Mysterious Plaque is going to appear under your feet and then you can proceed to the next level.

When you get to the second level face North again. This time the stones you need to press are the one to the North and the one to the East. Keep pressing them until a chest appears. Enjoy the cute pet and the achievement !

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