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Great Beasts Fear My Name

There is nothing more fun then hunting rare mobs ! To bad that they removed the Shard First message for these achievements. I so wanted to see the reactions in the 50 chat when we got that one. Even thought Phocas was bugged and it didn’t spawn for almost a week I think we were close to World First on that achievement. 23 November 2011 to be exact, one week after Ember Isle was released. It took us a lot of team work to get it done but it was fun. Nothing compares to camping a mob in shifts.

This is a home made map of all the mobs. It’s important to go check them all when you go hunting, even if you don’t need some of them. I never saw more then 2 rares up at the same time and it looked like a new one spawned relatively fast after we killed one. Just make a targeting macro with all the names in. It will spam your chat so just create a new chat tab with everything in it so you can keep reading guild chat or party chat while spamming your macro.

1. Ligeia is a siren and she spawn in the water. She doesn’t patrol so you can just park an alt at her location so you don’t have to run all the way up to check on her every time. She has the abilities of a Stormcaller and she hurts quite a bit, if you can’t heal yourself it’s best to call for help before engaging her. She spawns quite often, not hard to get.

2. Argylos looks like a Murloc, like the medium adds from Akylios. He spawns at the East exit of Forlon Fen Outpost. He doesn’t patrol and he usually get’s aoed down with invasions if anyone is farming there. He doesn’t spawn as often as Ligeia but it’s not very hard to get.

3. Laila is a bird and she spawns next to a pack of pirates. She doesn’t patrol and seems to spawn quite often, just make sure to spam your target macro, sometimes she is hard to spot because of the mini hill in the area.

4. Osmas looks like a giant pig and it spawns next to Talos Landing, on top of the hill to the East of the town. It’s easy to spot, it’s a giant glowing pig in the middle of an area without mobs and he doesn’t patrol. He does a debuff that reduces damaged dealt, so if you intend to kite him around be aware.

5. Anato is a two headed turtle, similar to the mini boss that spawns at The Stranglewood during the Water Event. He patrols above Wellspring Flats outpost, around the water pools. He blends in with the scenery so it might be hard to spot. He doesn’t spawn very often and it usually gets killed during the Water Events because the boss teleports in his path so if he is up he gets caught in the fight.

6. Kallos looks like the last boss in Foul Cascade, some form of spider. He likes to sit on a cliff, where the Raid Rift tear spawns. Make sure to spam the targeting macro when you run around there, it’s hard to spot if you’re not cliff walking.

7. Thome is a ghostly dwarf that spawns on top of  Farhall. He doesn’t patrol and he hurts quite bad. If you’re camping him, you can kill some Pyrkari while you’re at it.

8. Klacus is a big glowing scorpion. He doesn’t patrol and he likes to hide in rifts. At the spot where he spawns there is also a rift spawning and he blends in quite well with the Earth Rift colors, so make sure to double check when running pass that spot.

9. Myron is a big troll. You can’t miss him, obvious troll is obvious. He spawns on top of Caduceous Rise entrance and if no one disturbs him, he proceeds with patrolling on the beach where the elites are and back up the entrance, so make sure to check the beach also, careful with the elites. You can also park an alt at his spawn point or just get a new recruit to camp the place. The new guy always get’s the ugly jobs.

10. Tephra spawns under the bridge at the bottom of the volcano. He spawns quite often, but he is also easy to see by anyone passing by so it might be hard to get.

11. Nereus looks like a Shambler. He sits on The Stranglewood island, South-Xest from the outpost. He doesn’t patrol but he likes to attack fire invasions. Usually he wins so don’t worry about it. The spawn rate is not that great, but with some persistence you’ll get him.

12. Lykos is a wolf that sits on the beach North-West of Fort Zarnost. He doesn’t patrol and there are no lookalike mobs around so it’s not hard to spot. You can easily check between him and Nereus since they are so close to each other. The spawn rate is pretty much the same as with Nereus. Just keep checking, he will show himself at some point.

13. Naeus is like a dragon that flies around the hills West of Nykantor Ruins. It’s really hard to see so the macro will help a lot in his case. In the week that it took me to get the achievement I only saw him spawn 3 times, but then again, he isn’t the easiest mob to see.

14. Tricksy looks like an imp and he likes to sit in the lava. He spawn in the active volcano come. There is a quest there to kill 3 named mobs and he get’s spotted and killed by randoms quite a bit. Was hard to find him.

15. Hyro is a dragon and he also likes to hide behind rifts. The place where he spawns is also a spawn points for a rift. He can be easily missed so double check all the time. He doesn’t patrol and he can be spotted from the road.

16. Kleon is a raptor. He can be seen and targeted from the Obsidian Shore teleporter. When people rush to the last boss from the Earth Event he gets facerolled, but rather then that people seem to miss him. His spawn rate isn’t that great either.

17. Gaian is always up. He spawn as often as Ligeia. His favorite spot is behind the Temple of Marakris, on the green grass next to the dragon. He doesn’t move and he is easy to kill.

18. Acalan is a crocodile that spawns next to two other crocodiles on the white island. He doesn’t patrol so if it’s not there he is not up. Quite annoying to check on him as a Defiant so if you can park an alt at his location it would make things easier.

19. Phocas looks like a demon. He can spawn either on the stairs or in the tower. He bugged for us and it didn’t spawn for an entire week so I can’t really tell how his spawn rate is. If it’s the only mob you are missing then you might want to petition a GM just to make sure he isn’t bugged. He patrols around the temple so make sure to check properly.

20. Nikos is a small fire elemental, looks like the ones that Mages can spawn. He spawns in the Volcano and he doesn’t patrol. It’s hard to spot in the lava because everything there is yellow with red but he is up quite often. It’s better to camp him when the daily 5 man quest is not the one in the volcano.

Here it is, the home made map and instructions for hunting rare mobs in Ember Isle. Good luck ! :)

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