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Infernal Strider

Mine all mine ! The mount I’ve been waiting for since Infernal Dawn got released ! The most awesome, cool, sexy, hot mount Trion made so far, the Infernal Strider !

This mount is a reward for completing Conqueror: Infernal Dawn, which compared to Conqueror: Hammerknell Fortress it’s quite easy and fun to get. There are no stupid achievements that require endless wiping or waiting. Maybe the Laethys achievements can be rated as a bit annoying but they don’t come close to Career Criminal, Perfect Akylios, Wait What ? and so on.

I think it’s worth starting to work on achievements after you got Maelforge down. And if you’re not at that point yet, maybe work on Embromance just to get that one out of the way.

For your efforts you will get the unique looking Infernal Strider (at least for now, until Trion decides to add Infernal Dawn Chronicles and make it drop from there as well or something).

Infernal Strider 1

This mount looks far better then it used to look back in it’s early days on PTS. If you remember someone got a screenshot of it being used by a CM and it didn’t look as good as it does now. And also it looks way better then the Tin Foil Hat version of the Murdantix mount that we got from Hammerknell.

Infernal Strider 2

It looks like over time Trion got better and better at designing mounts. We moved up quite a bit from the Eldritch Steeds of the early days of Rift. And Storm Legion seems to be introducing even more cool looking mounts ! I can’t wait to see more of Trion’s work.

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  1. Skarrj

    The mount is sexy and you know!

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