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I’ve been slacking !

Published on July 7, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

Since patch 1.9 was released on the 28th last month I’ve been in a complete slack mode when it came to the blog. It was to much to handle at once, so many new things and like a kid, I needed them all at the same time. I think most of us experienced the “30 minutes at a time IRL”. Trying to cook, sleep, go to the store, do dailies, raid, get achievements, do the world event, etc in those 30 minutes break between the Conquest games. I started so many posts, but I didn’t manage to finish any of them because those 30 minutes were just now enough.

Now that the time between Conquest games is 1 hour and 10 minutes I will stop slacking and get back to keeping you posted with the latest Rift adventures of Special Olympics.

So what have we been up to lately ?

Shard transfer

We started the normal shard hopping in search of greener pastures and we landed on Icewatch, like most of the European guilds. All the cool kids were on Icewatch so why wouldn’t we go hang around with them. That was one big mistake. The lag was terrible and as soon as the patch came along and added some Conquest lag everything was unplayable. It wasn’t even possible to AFK in Meridian without having 3 loading screens per minute. The good thing about patch 1.9 was that it ruined the Ember Isle Instant Adventures Planar Attunement farming and it added PvP that people like (or have) to do, so it was easier to make the decision to move back to a dead shard and not be with the cool kids but be able to raid lag free.

So we landed on Blightweald, the shard I started to play on at head start. If you are curious what’s the lag like on Blightweald, it’s non existent… same with the population. I somehow hopped that with the shard merge that Trion did on the 4th July there will be a little bit more people, but apparently they all went to be with the cool kids on Icewatch. So here we are on our own shard, with no one around to bother us. Feels like we have our own private shard.

I think we will be staying here for some time, hopefully population will equalize between shards at some point… otherwise we will wait until Storm Legion !


Since we couldn’t really raid while on Icewatch we played a lot of Conquest. We were all eager to get the new trinkets, rank 50 gear and synergy crystal and those new BiS enchants for gloves and belt. Those of us who were living by the 30 minutes rule allied with those from Parabellum and we made a Paralympics PvP raid and head out to Conquest. Sometimes during the evening, the other half of us, which we called the Specialbellums (insert rainbows and flowers image here), joined as well so we ended up with 40 or more people on one faction.

We did some really fun stuff, we conquered the entire Stillmoor and learned that there was no reward and that the quest still failed. Someone assumed that we will get 30 Marks of Conquest if we managed to control all the extractors and defeat all the idols and the boss. But it proved to be a troll (or a bug).

Rift Conquest PvP

Then we decided that Dominion was taking advantage of the poor role players in Oathsworn so we went and camped their base. And we camped and camped and camped until the base itself surrendered to our epicness.

Conquest Dominion

This was one funny moment. This particular base camp session spawned a lot of forum QQ about how base camping is bad and how unfair it is. This was coming from the Dominion players who were camping Oathsworn for 2 days :) . I guess they didn’t enjoy being on the other side of the farm.

Conquest Pvp

World Event: Summerfest

When we were not lagging or PvPing we kept busy with the new World Event, The Summerfest. I should had made a guide for the Scavenger quests, but when I did them on PTS before release they seemed so easy I thought: “Who will need a guide for this stuff ?”. Well, it turned out that everyone needed it, so for the seconds phase of the event I will have a guide ready and glued to the first page so I don’t have to link waypoints all day long.

Beside those quests, the event is quite fun and the rewards are interesting. The first thing that caught my eye was the The Shamble Stick. It works like Scotty’s Sheeping Wand and it has 30 minutes cooldown. This item is a must have to be honest. There is a limit to how many of these vanity items you can buy because you can only get 6 Summerfest Friendship Bracelet (unless you fish them -Trion says you can’t, I fished 2 of them so far, so did other guild members), but I strongly suggest you get this one because 2 wands is better then 1 ! This is the “end result”.

The Shamble Stick

There are also achievements for this World Event so you might wanna grab them while they are available. I did all of them for the first phase of the event, waiting on the second phase now :) . They aren’t hard to get so why not.

Primeval Feast

You all know by now that Primeval Feast is the new 10 man and it’s on the same tier as Infernal Dawn. The loot is really good even if you are already doing Infernal Dawn and the weapons are sweet. There are also upgradable rings that drop from Primeval Feast. The item which you upgrade them with drops from a “Hardmode” version of Maklamos the Scryer (which is just Maklamos but with working beams and a decent enrage timer). We didn’t try it yet since in the 1st week of the release we got the patch on Thursday so he was already dead and on the second week we had 12k ms and we barely managed to kill Zilas so it was out of the question. We will do it next week and I will post about it.

If you want to see us in action or you’re just curious about the loot check the Primeval Feast Guide. Please don’t laugh to hard at my math skills or my spelling errors, I was writing it in those 30 minutes between Conquest matches.

I’ve been also doing some Fishing and Cooking to keep up with the new artifact sets and Survival recipes, been trying to get the new Instant Adventures achievements and learned the hard way most of them are bugged and of course picking those blue balls in Conquest and crafting for those insane achievements.

Anyway, Conquest game is about to start so I must hit the “Join” button before I will be forever stuck in the que. I promise I will finish and update the Maelforge Strategy and upload the kill videos for Primeval Feast and finish and post all the articles I started.

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  1. SO fanboi

    I dont play Rift anymore but it’s always a pleasure to read your blog. I wish I had been there when you guys farmed the dominion kids, must have been a blast.

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