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Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2

Published on July 11, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

When I did these quests on PTS I though they weren’t hard at all and it would obvious what you have to do. They seemed easy to figure out and I didn’t think a guide would be necessary. But apparently everyone needed help with locations and what they were supposed to do. So instead of having to link waypoints in guild chat all day long I will just make this guide. I will also use screenshots rather then coordinates. It seems that people don’t like them either.

The quest giver is located in the North side of the Traning yard in Meridian and where the South auction house is in Sanctum. There isn’t a maze anymore so you can’t miss them. If I remember correct the NPC that gives this quest is called Shyla Starheart for both Guardians and Defiants. Pick up the quest and get to work.

For the Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 you will have to complete 5 challenges in the following areas: Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield, Gloamwood and Scarlet Gorge. When you complete all the 5 challenges you will receive one Summerfest Friendship Bracelet and 100 Summerfest Merit Badges.

Freemarch Challenge

To begin the Freemarch Challenge you will have to talk to Julius Reb. If you open your map you will have a quest indicator at his location, but for those that can’t find him here is a screenshot. The quest is called Fabulous, Fun Fishing in Freemarch.

Freemarch Challenge

Big red arrow pointing to his location, easy to spot. To complete this challenge you need to train fishing. Level 1 fishing skill is enough. You have to catch 5 Normal-eyed Guppies and 2 Deep March Eels to complete the challenge. The Normal-eyed Guppy can be fished in Shallow Water and the Deep March Eel comes from Deep Water. You can just stand by the quest giver and fish until you get them. If you want to speed things up a bit you can also run around the shoreline and try to find Schools or Rare Fish and fish in them. If you have 225 or more fishing skill you can use the Rare Fish Lure to catch them fast. There are also the specific lures you can use, the Normal-eyed Guppy Lure and the Deep March Eel Lure (recipes can be both from the Fishing and Survival vendor in Meridian/Sanctum).

Either way this challenge is easy and shouldn’t take to long to complete. This quest awards 25 Summerfest Merit Badges when completed. Collect your reward and move on to the next challenge.

Silverwood Challenge

The Silverwood Challenge is called Save the Spirit Guide. The quest giver is located a bit South of Argent Glade. The quest giver’s name is Rhonna.

Silverwood Challenge

Red circle marks her position. The objective of this challenge is to find a Confused Spirit Guide. The spirit wanders around the area marked with blue at Wayward Thicket. Then you find it, use your temporary ability on it and you’re done. Collect your 25 Summerfest Merit Badges and off you go to the next challenge. While you are there you might also find the Black Bunny, a Summerfest pet.

Stonefield Challenge

The Stonefield Challenge is offered by Greer Hontz and it’s called Grave Courage. This sounds quite creepy. I had my doubts when I first did this quest on PTS. I’m not really fond of graves.

Stonefield Challenge

The quest giver is at the area marked with the red circle. Accept then quest and then go down into the crypt. The entrance to the crypt is marked with the blue circle. Keep going down the crypt until you will see some hazy purple curtain. Walk around the area and at some point you will receive a 3 minutes buff. You must remain in the crypt until the buff runs out. If you have sound enable you will hear all sort of creepy sounds.

I thought you would be attacked by monsters and ghosts, but there was nothing on PTS. I just stood there until the buff ran out and nothing happened. When the buff runs out you will be awarded 25 Summerfest Merit Badges and you can move on to the next challenge.

Gloamwood Challenge

Delouse the Itchy Werewolves is the Gloamwood Challenge. The quest giver is located at the very South tip of Gloamwood, on the Silkweb Road. His name is Danny Boiler.

 Gloamwood Challenge

The red circle marks the position of the quest giver. The objective of this challenge is to find 6 Itchy Werewolves and cure them by using the temporary ability that you get when you accept the quest. You can find the Werewolves in the areas marked with blue circles. I think they also spawn in the area around the Moonshade entrance, but I only found a lonely werewolf there on PTS. Nonetheless, I would suggest making a macro with “target Itchy” and run around Gloamwood and spam it. This way you will not miss any werewolves.

When you complete this challenge you receive 25 Summerfest Merit Badges and you are one challenge away from completing the Little Scavenger Hunt. Part 2 quest. I think the Gloamwood Challenge involves the most amount of running out of all the challenges.

Scarlet Gorge Challenge

The Scarlet Gorge Challenge is called Gorging on Gold and it will take some time to complete if you are on a populated shard. You pick the quest up from Dolton Vraat.

Scarlet Gorge Challenge

The quest giver NPC is located at the area marked with the red circle. After you accept the challenge you will have to find 10 Gold Samples. The Gold Samples can be found in Unexplored Seams. These Unexplored Seams look like rocks and they glow. They spawn all over the map so feel free to run around. You can’t make a macro to target them since they are objects so you will have to mouse over to see them. I found a lot of them in Iron Draw area (marked with the blue circle), but as I said, they spawn all over the map.

They also spawn in the caves of Scarlet Gorge (circled with purple). You can actually camp a cave and you should find all 10 samples in a decent amount of time.

The Gold Samples don’t have 100% drop rate. I think the drop rate is about 40% so this challenge will take some time to complete if there are a lot of people competing for the Unexplored Seams. If you are on a populated shard I think it’s best to wait until later at night. Or you can wait until next week.

The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 is not a weekly quest. It’s a one time quest that you can complete for as long as Phase 2 of the Summerfest lasts (3 weeks) so you don’t have to hurry and complete them all in the first day. You might miss out on some nice bugs, like the Icecream speed buff from the Shimmersand Challenge that was available in Phase 1 of Summerfest :)

At the end of this challenge will you earn a total on 1 Summerfest Friendship Bracelet and 225 Summerfest Merit Badges.

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