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Maelforge Tactics

Maelforge is the last boss of Infernal Dawn. Although the encounter is 5 minutes shorter then Akylios was, the fight lives up to the expectations. But before you can start taking on the big bad dragon you will have to get pass his girlfriend and so far she is proving to be quite a pain.

Update 1: version 2.0 of Maelforge prove to hard for anyone, so we lost 1 kill due to silly changes. Trion just has to accept the fact this fight is not made for Warriors.

Update 2: version 3.0 of Maelforge has reverted some of the changes done in 2.0. Now everything is back to normal, with only a few changes. Warriors are still considered to be the 5th wheel even with the latest changes.

Maelforge - Infernal Dawn

Maelforge Tactics

Maelforge has 3 phases and 2 transitions between those 3 phases. He has 17.9 million HP and a hard enrage timer of 15 minutes. The enrage timer starts ticking when you engage the boss and it keeps ticking throughout the transitions also.

Phase 1

When you enter his room he will start roleplaying for a few seconds, heal up from 50% to 100% by sacrificing the 3 NPC at the top of the spires. Once the role play is over the entire raid will gain a buff called Blessing of Carcera that will enable you to super jump. For the first phase of the encounter, every time you press your space bar you will super jump. Those that are used to jumping around while waiting for the pull are going to ninja pull a few times for sure. Hands off the keyboard while waiting for the ready check.

During Phase 1 Maelforge has 6 abilties:

  • Magma Spray – 2 seconds cast followed by a 4 seconds channel. Each tick of the breath hits for about 10-12k with max Fire Resist. Frontal cone AoE with 25 meters range (that’s why melee stands no chance here). He will cast this every 15 seconds.
  • Magma Torrent – 2 seconds cast. Bolts of fire will launch from the boss to each raid member. When the bolts hit they deal initial damage of 4.2k fire damage (with FR core, runes and vial) then leave a 5 seconds dot that keeps ticking for 1.4k damage. This dot can be dispelled, but keep in mind that the ability has travel time so when you AoE dispell you have to wait until the last member in the raid gets hit. The best way to deal with this mechanic is to have 2 clerics with aoe dispell in the raid. When the ability hits one of them pops the aoe dispell, the second one waits 0.5 seconds or until he sees some people are dispelled. Otherwise you risk both aoe dispells hitting the same people. Have the 3rd cleric cast 2 DoLs then use his AoE dispell if there are still people with the debuff. This ability is used every 25 seconds.
  • Melt Armor – 2 seconds cast. He will emote “Burn.” before he does the ability but it’s not 100% reliable. He will do 2 Magma Sprays before he will do this mechanic, this is the best way to keep track of it. This is the tank swap mechanic and it comes about every 30 seconds. At the end of his cast Maelforge will apply a 30 seconds debuff to the current tank that reduces his armor to 0, along with an 8 seconds dot that ticks for 8k. When you see the cast, the second tank needs to jump in and be ready to taunt the boss as soon as the cast is over. If he taunts during the cast the boss will apply the debuff on the him instead of the current tank.
  • Energy Fields – every minute Maelforge will emote: “Hellfire feeds on your agony !” and entrap each raid member in an energy field. This is a 20 seconds debuff and there are 2 types of fields: Earthen Fissure (yellow debuff icon) represented by an yellow bubble and Fiery Fissure (red debuff icon) represented by a red bubble. When this happens the raid needs to sort by color. If you have the red field and you’re standing inside of an yellow field you’re going to take damage, around 1.3k /tick. If you are standing with your red field on top of 10 people with yellow fields you will take 1.3k x 10 and die.
  • Flame Wave - every 45 seconds he will place a big red bubble at the top of the middle or the right side spire. The bubble will turn into a fire wave and travel all the way down to the base of the spire. It hits for about 3.5k fire damage and leaves a dot and a decreased fire resistance debuff.
  • Fiery Death – if his current target is not in melee range he will cast Fiery Death. Depending on where his current target is located he will hit the raid or the off tank with it. Either way it’s a wipe so make sure that you don’t over aggro and when tank swap you don’t taunt while in the air or not in melee range.

He will also summon a wave of adds every 30 seconds. The wave is made out of 3 mobs, each with it’s own abilities:

  • Flamebound Demon: 138k HP, cleaves. If it reaches the boss he will cast Galvanizing Sacrifice and place a permanent buff on the boss that increases the outgoing damage on Maelforge’s primary target, aka the tank.
  • Flamebound Ifrit: 138k HP, cleaves. If it reaches the boss he will cast Devastating Sacrifice and place a 20 seconds buff on the boss that increases the outgoing damage on the raid.
  • Flamebound Devil: 138k HP, caster. If it reaches the boss he will cast Cauterizing Sacrifice and heal the boss for 1.600k. This amount of healing can be cut in half by using a healing debuff on the boss.

If you use the healing debuffs in the boss you don’t have to worry about the adds. The tanks and the raid can survive the boss’s abilities even if he gains 2 stacks of each debuff and it’s a DPS gain to let him heal compared to killing the Flamebound Demon. Have the 3rd tank standing at the base of the left spire and ready to pick the adds if they come your way. If they go on a different spire ignore them, if they come to the left spire pick them up, jump over the raid so you don’t cleave them, drag the melee adds to the boss, go back and grip the caster. If the caster is not close enough to the boss you can have a cleric to knock him back.

Update: as to Maelforge version 3.0 all these adds will have to die. Use a cleric tank to pick them up and bring them behind the raid. Assign 2-3 DPS to kill them as soon as possible. Use the dps Warriors if you have any in the raid and 1 Saboteur to slow them down and help with the AoE. They should die without any issues.

Phase 1 is quite easy, buff up then go up the spire until on right side you see a big dark spot. That’s the place where you want your raid to be positioned. Stack up on that spot and pull the boss. Make sure you have someone with a timer calling out when the Field is about to come. Decide which color moves and which color stays. We stay with yellow and move with red.

The tanks need to worry about getting the tanks swap correct and the add tank needs to pick them up and not cleave the raid. The add spawn order is Middle -> Left (from behind the raid) -> Middle -> Right (this pack is the hardest to pick up) -> Middle -> Left and keep repeating until you get Maelforge to 65%. He can heal once and you will still be able to make the enrage timer, so if you miss the right pack of adds it shouldn’t be an issue. The DPS needs to pay attention once every minute to those Fields. The healers need to pay attention to the tank swap and also dispell the Magma Torrent. Phase 1 only lasts about 3 minutes, try to pay attention to what you have to do and it shouldn’t take you long to master it.

Careful not to die to stupid stuff. Once you die your corpse will be ported to the middle spire. You will be out of range for the combat resses. The only way to get someone ressed during Phase 1 is to have someone superjump from one spire to another, but it’s tricky and 70% of the time results on the rescuer being dead also. If someone dies in this phase you are better off leaving him dead. Once you made it to Phase 2 his corpse will be ported upstairs and you can ress him there.

Phase 1 to Phase 2: Transition 1

When you get Maelforge to 65% he will fly away and the raid is now free to move up the ramp to the next platform. Use your superjump to go down the spire and to your right, up the ramp with the fire waves. Keep superjumping, it’s the fastest way to get up. This transition counts to the enrage timer so you want to make it up as fast as possible. Try to jump over the waves. They hit for 2.4k if you run through them (the damage is only at the base of the wave). Once the first person makes it up the ramp the waves will stop spawning. Wait for everyone to enter the encounter room because there will be a barrier locking them out otherwise. When you are ready, pull the boss.

Phase 2

Phase 2 takes place in a room that looks similar to Ituziel’s room, only different colors and smaller. During this phase Maelforge will do the following abilities:

  • Magma Spray - same as Phase 1.
  • Magma Torrent - same as Phase 1, with the difference that the dot will land faster now that the boss is closer to the raid.
  • Melt Armor - same tank swap mechanic as Phase 1.
  • Lava Pools - like the ones on the Eggs Phase 1 only difference that they are bigger. For those that forgot what this is, he will spawn a lava pool on the tank. The tank needs to move out of it without moving out of range of the healers.
  • Tail Swipe - knocks back anyone standing behind him.
  • Flies - every 45 seconds the boss will emote: “Fire will consume your soul !” then 4 Pyreflies will spawn and pick up a raid member. You have 20 seconds to kill them or the raid member that they picked up will be oneshotted. Each of the Pyreflies has 31k HP so they should die in 2 GCDs.

There will also be fire waves spawning from the corners of the room. The raid can be positioned in a safe place so they never have to move from the waves. The tanks need to pay attention to the waves and avoid them, if they get hit they need to use a cooldown or ask for covenant otherwise the next breath will kill them. As all the fire waves in Infernal Dawn, if you get hit by this wave you will get a fire resistance debuff, a healing debuff and a dot.

Every 30 seconds an add will spawn from the center of the room. The 3rd tank needs to pick up this add and tank him under Maelforge. The add does a knockback so his tank needs to be aware of where he is standing so he doesn’t get hit. This add has 532k HP and you have to kill him before the next add spawns. If you fail to do so he will enrage and hit for about 10k on the tank. They don’t despawn at the end of the phase so you have no choice but to kill them.

Maelforge Phase 2

This is the correct position for the raid. By standing here the raid will not have to move from the waves ever. This position is also safe for Phase 3 double waves no matter from which direction they come from. Maelforge’s tanks need to be positioned to the left and the right of the raid. They can angle the boss towards the raid. Their goal is to be able to sidestep out of 2 lava pools without crossing the middle line of the room. As I said before if they go to far away they will be out of range of the healers. Don’t panic if the boss ends up on top of the raid, it’s safe.

In this phase the tanks need to focus on stepping out of the pools and dodging the waves, the healers need to focus on the tank switch and dispelling the dot and the dps needs to kill the add and the boss. Do this from 65% until 30% and you will hit the second transition phase. Ideally you want to transition without any adds up, so if you have to stop dps on the boss and finish the last add do so. The enrage timer shouldn’t be an issue unless you’re carrying 3 dps warriors with you.

Phase 2 to Phase 3: Transition 2

Once Maelforge gets to 30% he will fly up and the second transition will start. This is the hardest part of the encounter in my opinion. Since I couldn’t get back into his room after we killed him, I had to use my pain skills to represent this phase.

You can’t die in this phase. If you mess around and die Maelforge will gain a stack of increased damage dealt. You can survive up to 3 stacks, that’s all. So you need to save that margin of error for the last phase.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to in this transition are the 2 green bubbles, like the one you get on the Eggs platform. If you don’t move in time you will wipe the raid. There are 2 at the same time so it is important to pay attention where you are running and how far you are running.

These 2 “green bubbles” are called:

  1. Fiery Eruption: 5 seconds debuff, you have to run far enough from the raid in those 5 seconds so that the green bubble that surrounds you is not on top of the raid anymore. If you are not staring at your debuffs when this happens you will wipe the raid. Some people use Karuulalert to tell them when to move. It’s not 100% guarantee that it will work, but if you want to give it a shot here is the alert: Fiery;1;T;player;1;T;F;F;Fiery Eruption;none;0;1;F;F;0;0;kAlert;images\Aura-10.tga;416;274;256;256;2;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;45;T;6;F;0
  2. Hellfire: 5 seconds debuff, just like Fiery Eruption, it will spawn a big green bubble around the person that gets it. That person has 5 seconds to run far enough to clear the raid. Here is the alert for Hellfire: Hellfire;1;T;player;1;T;F;F;Hellfire;none;0;1;F;F;0;0;kAlert;images\Aura-9.tga;416;275;256;256;2;1;;CENTER;1;;1;1;1;30;T;T;CENTER;45;T;6;F;0

If both players with the debuff run in the same direction and are inside each others bubbles they will both die. So when you get the debuff you have to pay attention to running away from the raid and not running into the person with other debuff.


These debuffs will start happening 50 seconds after Maelforge flies up in phase 2 and then every 30 seconds until he lands. If you want to play it save you can wait for one debuff on each corner. Once you will have some practice in this transition you can move faster, reducing the debuffs to 3 and eventually even to 2.

The optimal number of debuffs is 3, because you’re not risking anything and you have plenty of time to kill Maelforge anyway. Even if he healed in Phase 1 you still have at least 1 minute extra to kill him.

Remember you can’t die during this transition phase or you risk causing issues in Phase 3.

There are many ways to approach this transition, we picked the one that involves the least amount of brain just to avoid unnecessary failures. First thing you have to do is split your raid in 2 groups, left and right. This gives you a 50-50 chance that you won’t have 2 green bubbles on the same side, thus avoid panic situations and deaths.

On the right side you want to have: the purifier, 1 senticar and the AoE chloromancer as the healers and the archon and 2 dps mages (or anything else with high dps and a blink). The chloromancer will be in charge of interrupting Molten Blast on the top right cannon by using Arresting Presence (marked as C3 in the image above) and the archon will be in charge of doing the same thing to the bottom right cannon (marked as C4 in the image above). The dps will first kill the top cannon (C3) and then switch to the bottom cannon (C4).

Maelforge Transition 2

On the left side: the rest of the people. The remaining chloromance will be in charge of interrupting the top left cannon (C2) and one of the tanks will be in charge of interrupting the bottom left cannon (C1). A second tank will pick up the Pheonix spawning on the left side and drag it to the bottom left corner, the 3rd tank will have to pick up the Pheonix spawning on the right side and drag it on top of the other Pheonix. The DPS will kill things in this order: bottom cannon (C1) -> left side Pheonix -> right side Pheonix -> when the 2nd Pheonix flies away top cannon (C2) -> finish off the 2nd Pheonix -> finish off the top cannon (C2).

The cannons have 2 abilities: Fireball, that they will keep casting, hits for around 2k and the Molten Blast that needs to be interrupted. If the Molten Blast is not interrupted a red circle will appear on the ground and a projectile will land dealing about 4k on impact. There is other damage going off in this phase so you don’t want to get hit by it, make sure you interrupt it.

If you read the explanation above and you’re still like wtf ? check out first Maelforge kill video to see what we do.

The second approach to this phase involves the entire raid moving together as one around the room and killing the Phoenixes and the Cannons. This makes it 100% that the 2 green debuffs that you have to run out with are on the same side. People will have to make split second decisions and react fast to avoid deaths.

Instead of using pain skills for this one, I will show you a video of how it’s done.

You can hear Sharogy calling the time left until the next debuff. This is important because it will wake people up from tunnel visioning on their rotation and make them look at their debuffs. Then you will have to decide if you have enough time to move to the next cannon or if you have to wait for the debuff to happen first. You don’t want to get the bubbles while running.

The idea behind these phase is that everyone has a blink in their specc. Those who don’t have a mark on their head and also stay further away from the corner. When the debuffs come the ideal situation is that one person runs left and one runs right. But if they both run in the same direction here is where the blinks come in handy. One of them can either blink ahead or across the corner and run in the other direction.

 One more thing that can save your life right there is the Mighty Quickening Brew.

Mighty Quickening Brew

You can get the recipe from Scarlet Gorge Quartermaster. You will need 3 Bloodshade Petals to make 1 potion, but it’s worth it, especially in the last phase.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts after all the cannons are dead. This phase is identical with Phase 2 except 2 changes.

First change is that there will be 2 waves coming at the same time. The tanks will have to be extra careful to dodge them. Hit a wave twice in a row and you’re a dead tank.

The second change is that the green debuff will still happen during this phase. Failing to move in time with the debuff is the main cause of wipes. The first debuff will come when the first tank swap happens, then every 30 seconds. If you have enough DPS you will have to handle this debuff 3 times during the last phase.
With the entire raid being packed in one spot it shouldn’t be hard to move, unless you aren’t paying attention to your debuffs. Given that once you made it into this phase it’s pretty much a guaranteed kill unless someone fails to move, you should really pay attention to the debuffs even if you will do 400 less DPS.

If you had a perfect transition phase, a.k.a no one died, you don’t have to worry to much about what direction to run with the debuffs. One can run left and one can run right and even if one of them will get killed by breath each time because he ran in front of Maelforge it won’t matter since the raid can handle the damage even if Maelforge has 3 stacks. If you gave him stacks by dying in Phase 2 or in transition then you will have to consider running the debuffs behind the boss. One will have to run far enough to clear the raid and the second one will have to keep running until he cleared the first person with the debuff. Those Mighty Quickening Brews can work magic in this case.

This is it, good luck !

Maelforge Raid Setup

3 tanks: 2 warriors preferred because they are still not so useful as DPS and 1 cleric tank to pick up the adds.

6 healers: 2 chloromancers, 1 sent/warden, 2 senticars, 1 purifier.

11 DPS and support: 4 mages, 5 rogues and 2 clerics.

Every DPS needs to be ranged (except the warriors ofc). Because of the way we do this fight no one can go in melee in Phase 1 and it’s dangerous to dps as melee in Phase 2 and 3 so any dps warrior in the raid will have to be very good at moving to not die and give Maelforge damage stacks. So the rogues need to be either Ranger or Saboteur and the clerics need to be Inquisitors.

Maelforge Achievements

For this fight there are three achievements. As usual we will start with the basic: Defeat Maelforge achievement, which is called You’ve got Maelforge. The only issue with getting this achievement is that you have to kill Laethys before you can get your hands on Maelforge.

You've got Maelforge - Infernal Dawn

The second achievement down the list is called Rock Block and you have to Defeat Maelforge without Flamebound minions being sacrificed. If your cleric tank knows what he is doing you will get this achievement every week.

Rock Block - infernal dawn

The last achievement for this encounter is called Lava me now or lava me not. I really love the name, it made me giggle for some reason. This achievement requires you to Defeat Maelforge without anyone taking damage from Volcanic Eruptions. This should be easy to complete since now you can bring extra healers to this enconter. I think you will have to kill the Phoenixes in Phase 3 rahter then in the transition phase.

Lava me now or lava me not - infernal dawn

Good luck ! I hope you will enjoy this encounter as much as I did.

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  1. [...] Also there is a set time in which you want to end a phase or it will take significantly longer. See Maelforge detailed strategy to understand what I’m talking [...]

  2. Beanster

    You get a debuff/buff from adds in phase 1 that makes you immune to the damage of Magma Spray for 60 seconds. That allows melee to dps Maelforge in phase 1. Pretty much same mechanic as Wizened Stoneseer at Laethys.

  3. Beanster

    Also melee in phase 1 should use ST finishers, as standing at the edge of the rap and you’re still 25 meters from boss. Single target finishers hit the Maelforge, as do st builders. Champion AE finishers doesn’t (BF/CB) land on the darn dragon (ph1).

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