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Mark of Conquest Guide

Published on July 9, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

When it comes to buying the new PvP items from Conquest there is only one limiting factor and that is: getting enough Marks of Conquest. Favor is not an issue to grind anymore, 1 game of Conquest can make you Favor capped without any issues, all you have to do is to join Nightfall and follow the “zerg” raid around the map and enjoy the rain of Favor and Prestige.

There are some really nice items you can buy from the Conquest vendor, including the Rank 50 Synergy Crystal and a new PvP trinket which in some cases is best in slot even in PvE. I you decide to build a Vengeance source machine then you will have to pay 280 Marks of Conquest for the machine itself then you will have to fill it in with lessers, which cost 300 Marks of Conquest each. You can buy 4 lessers that have Vengeance as a stat, 2 from your class and 2 from the matching class (warrior/rogue and cleric/mage), that is a total of 1200 Marks of Conquest for the lessers plus the machine it adds up to a grand total of 1480 Marks of Conquest just for the source machine.

Then there are the new runes for gloves and belt, which are best in slot for both PvP and PvE. They cost 230 Marks of Conquest each, so you need to get at least another 460 Marks of Conquest to buy these runes for your PvP gear. If you want them for your PvE gear that’s another 460 Marks.

Let’s not forget about the new PvP trinket which, as I said before, it’s best in slot for PvP and in some cases for PvE as well so it’s a must have. This item costs 575 Marks of Conquest. And the last thing you can get is the Rank 50 Synergy Crystal which is a must have if you are planning on buying the Rank 50 gear. It costs 460 Marks of Conquest.

If we add everything up we get a grand total of 2975 Marks of Conquest needed to buy all the goodies. If you also want runes for your PvE gear, the total goes up to 3435 Marks. If you have both a tanking set of gear and a dps set of gear that you need to rune then you will have to farm  3895 Marks of Conquest.

Mark of Conquest

You can stack them up to 10.000 so I wouldn’t be to worried about reaching the cap, given that you can’t really farm them. Also if you are new to Conquest I would focus more on getting the Marks and ignore Favor, because you will have all the gear you need and you will reach Favor cap without having anything left to buy long before you will have enough Marks of Conquest to buy the items mentioned above.

While I was desperately trying to get the marks myself I came up with a somewhat optimal game plan to get the most amount of marks possible. I don’t know how this will work out on the US shards since I didn’t try it, but it works on the European side. Anyway, here is what you have to do.

At the start of Conquest

Make sure you are at your computer when Conquest is about to start. Also move your character out of Meridian and to a less populated area like Scarlet Gorge or Stonefield for example. Then keep your mouse over the “Join” button as the timer counts down to 0. Spam click Join and Enter. Once you are inside Conquest you will notice that there are 3 death bosses on the map.

Conquest start

You have to tag 2 of these bosses to get the maximum amount of Marks of Conquest out of the start of the battle. This moment is crucial. These bosses drop 2 to 5 marks, depending on your luck.

If you are Nightfall, head to Boss 1, tag him (hit him with 1 or 2 spells/attacks then run away) then immediately run to Boss 2, located on top of Caer Mathos, where the entrance to River of Souls is. If you have a good PC you can jump off a cliff and suicide after tagging the 1st boss and then run to Caer Mathos. Or you can just run back, you should make it in time either way. Don’t stop for fights, try to get there, tag the boss, then worry about fighting people.

If you joined Dominion, you will have to run as fast as possible to Boss 3, tag him, jump off a cliff and suicide, respawn in base then run to Boss 2 at Caer Mathos. If you don’t suicide off a cliff you won’t make it to Caer Mathos in time. If you have a slow PC and it takes long to respawn don’t join Dominion or go directly to Caer Mathos. Same thing if you took to long to load or if you pressed join to late, just head out to Caer Mathos because by the time you reach Boss 3 he will be long dead. Same goes for Nightfall.

If you are with the Oathsworn faction, you will have to follow the same route as Nightfall, with the only difference that you can’t die on the way or you will not make it to Caer Mathos in time. As soon as you are inside Conquest head for Boss 1, tag him, try to not get yourself killed by the Nightfall zerg and make your way to Boss 2. If you die on the way there then you can just move to the next step because you won’t make it in time.

During Conquest

After the boss tagging madness is over there is nothing else you can do that gives guaranteed marks until the end of the battle. But you can try your luck by destroying Extractors. When you destroy an Extractor you receive a rift loot bag that can contain Planarite, Augments or one Mark of Conquest. This is probably not the most fun thing you can do with your time during Conquest, but as I said, there is nothing else you can do that could possibly give marks.

Destroying Neutral Extractors at the start of the fight can also give marks so go ahead and take some down. The neutral ones also have less HP then the captured Extractors so it’s easier to take them down by yourself if there is no one there to help you.

There is a 20 or 25% chance to gain a Mark of Conquest by destroying an Extractor so it’s not that bad. Also it counts for the “Destroy Extractors” achievement (if you care about achievements of course). If you don’t hit the Extractor and just help capture it by standing next to it then you won’t be eligible to get the reward. It’s only awarded for destroying the Extractor. If you are a healer throw some Waterjets in there to tag it.

At the end of Conquest

When one faction controls 60% of Stillmoor or when 5.000 players went splat there will be a 10 minutes bonus period in which the winner will be decided. During this period you need to position yourself as best as possible to be able to tag as many Idols as you can without being killed. It’s time for some paint skills again.

Conquest Map

The small light green circles indicate the 10 spots where the Idols will spawn. The orange circle in front of Caer Mathos represents the final boss spawn place. If you tag the boss you will get 10 Marks of Conquest when he dies. The Idols give 2 to 3 Marks of Conquest each depending on your luck. This is the moment of truth, you will have to tag as many of these objectives as possible.

If you are in the winning team you don’t have to worry to much about getting killed, but if you are in one of the losing factions you need to watch out because once you’re dead you can’t respawn and get back into the battle anymore.

Based on what teleport points your faction controls there are a few routes you can pick.

If your faction holds Caer Mathos then the Idols numbered 5 and 6 will die very quick so you have to be there to tag them. Hit both of them twice or place a dot on them, move out of Caer Mathos and hit the boss. Then go to the North of the map to Idol 4, then 3, head out to The Eye of Regulos next and if Idols 2 and 9 are still alive tag them also. If Idol 1 is alive try and tag it also then go to Idol 10. Usually Idol 10 is the last one to die, no one goes there so you can leave it for last. You can also open the map and hover over the idols to see how many people are attacking it. If there is a 70 people zerg attacking it there is no point to run there since it will die.

If your faction has The Eye of Regulos you can start tagging from there, attack Idols 2 and 9, run out of the crater and see if you can make it to Idols 4, 7 and the boss. After that take a look on the map at what’s still alive. You can go North to Idol 3 and run to Idol 1 next or go South to Idol 8 and then move on to Idol 10.

The other 2 teleport points are uselss. If your faction doesn’t control any of the points mentioned above then just try to run to Zareph’s Return and wait there until the Idols spawns, tag Idol 4 and 7, the boss and then pick between North or South route.

It also help to join the winning faction. The reward for winning Conquest is 12 Marks of Conquest. The losing factions will only receive 8 marks. For the European shards that factions you want to join is Oathsworn. The people that join this faction are also more oriented on capturing Extractors during the battle so it’s a good choice if you are after the marks. If Oathsworn is full, then your second best choise is Dominion. They never win but at least they capture. Worse pick is Nightfall since they only run around and kill peeple. Nightfall is good to join if you want a lot of Favor.

May the Gods of Telara grand you 5 marks for each boss ! Good luck !

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