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Patch 1.10 New Features (PTS)

As some of you might have already noticed, Patch 1.10 has been deployed on PTS and it’s bringing quite a few new and exciting features. Not everything is in place yet, but I am sure you are just as curious as I am.

So I’m just going to go ahead and spoil the surprise by telling you about some of these features. But remember, this is still stuff that’s being tested and modified on the Public Test Shard, so this post can become inaccurate by the time Patch 1.10 will go live.

There is so much new cool stuff I don’t even know where to start, so bare with me.

New World Event: Autumn Harvest

The first phase of the Autumn Harvest event is active on PTS. As you can see there is also a date in place for this event.

Autumn Harvest

It is meant to start on 12 September and end on the 10 October. Of course nothing is for sure at the moment, but 12 September seems like a fair date for Patch 1.10 to be deployed on the live servers.

In this event we will be celebrating the Autumn Harvest alongside one of our favorite characters in Rift, Atrophinius. It looks like no matter how many times we beat this guy up, he still wants to be friends. So here he is once again, this time, being the Master of the Autumn Harvest.

I don’t think this event is the one that’s going to lead up to Storm Legion, but you never know. The Autumn Harvest is a Death based event.

If you’ve been playing Rift long enough, you might recognize some of the rewards from this event, like the Shadetouched Hound and the Shadetouched Scarab pets and the Touch of the Shade vanity item. So if you missed out on the River of Souls opening event but you still want to earn your Taste the Rainbow achievement this is your chance.

If you wish to learn more about the Autumn Harvest event, check out the related post about it, I will be dumping all the available information there.

Scarwood Reach Instant Adventures

Trion is sticking to their promise of adding Instant Adventures to all the areas in Telara. After Ember Isle, Shimmersand, Stillmoor, Freemarch, Silverwood, Stonefield and Gloamwood, the time has come for Scarwood Reach to have Instant Adventures added. 8 out of 12 zones now have Instant Adventures, so the master plan is almost complete.

I must say that they are getting more and more creative with each zone, so you can expect to see new types of instant adventures added in Scarwood Reach. But they aren’t to creative when it comes to achievements :( .

New shinny marks and NPC icons

When it comes to fluff, Trion just loves adding more and more. In Patch 1.10 we will have new marks for our targets, not just boring numbers from 1 to 8. We are getting colorful new icons to play along with. You can check them out here: New target marks.

Overhead NPC Marks

There are also overhead markings for NPCs and for the mailbox (if you have mail waiting). They look really really cute and fuzzy. To turn them on or off there is an option in the Interface -> Misc panel.

There are new icons for bankers, auctioneers, trainers, class trainers and so on. I really like the way these marks look, I hope we will see more of this in the future.

I can’t wait for them to get on live. It’s going to make capital cities look more friendly.

If you wish to see them before they get on live head over to PTS or just check out the post I will be making about them: Overhead NPC Marks.

After Patch 1.10 the raids and the big cities will be more colorful and funny.

Wreck of the Endeavor

A new island and a stranded ship appeared between Freemarch and Silverwood, it’s called the Wreck of the Endeavor. There is no lore about it yet but I am sure it has it’s purpose. Maybe this is going to be the point from which we will travel to Dusken and Brevane or maybe it just marks the start of the chain of quests leading into the Storm Legion areas.

I think this could also be a very cool guild house location. The ship is really big, it’s stranded on a small patch of land and the view it’s quite nice. I guess we will learn more about it as the time goes by. Let’s not forget that everything that is on PTS at the moment is very new. We didn’t even see the first set of patch notes yet.

Meridian and Sanctum are getting a make-over

Luckily Trion is adding all these new overhead markings for NPCs, because when you are going to walk into your capital city after Patch 1.10 will go live you will probably have a hard time to find your way around.

Meridian and Sanctum are getting a make-over, nothing major when it comes to the structure of the city, but most of the NPCs are being moved around, probably to make room for the Storm Legion NPCs.

It will be more organized after 1.10 and the NPC positions will make more sense. For example the NPCs that sell crafting recipes will be sitting next to the trainers now, the PvP area in Meridian is fully for PvP, the NPCs have been moved around, the NPCs that were selling PvE gear are now in the Epoch Plaza, etc.

New mailboxes are also being added around Meridian and Sanctum, just to make it a little easier to pick up your mail and the healing dummy is being moved. I personally like the changes, it keeps things more organized.

Defiants and Guardians can play together

In Patch 1.10 Guardians and Defiants will bury the hatchet and come together as one force. The Ascendeds will need all their strength to fight against the armies of Crucia in Storm Legion, so they are starting to prepare for this event already.

This means that starting with 1.10 you will be able to invite people of opposite faction in your group, guild, raid and party. The Instant Adventures groups are merged as well, so are the weddings, the chronicles and the Looking for Group tool.

Basically the mercenary system is being added to everything. The only restriction is on PvP servers. If you are on a PvP shard you will not be able to do any of the above. The only changes that will occur on those shards is that you will now be able to whisper the opposite faction and you can end up in a group with them when you que a dungeon using the Looking for Group tool.

The areas that were hostile before will remain hostile still. So to answer the most asked question so far: Will Guardians be able to go to Meridian and will Defiants be able to go to Sanctum ? the answer is no. Even with the changes coming up in Patch 1.10 you still can’t go to the opposite faction town unless you stealth or wall-walk your way there :)

PvP Normalization

This feature is not 100% confirmed yet and even if it gets confirmed it will probably take some time before it hits the live servers, so don’t except this to happen at the start of 1.10.

What does PvP normalization mean ? It means that the PvP gear will become useless. When you join a warfront, your stats will automatically be adjusted to a standard amount. The only thing that will influence the standard stats will be buffs and consumables.

They are still working on this feature and gathering feedback so it’s not even sure if it will happen, but I think it’s a good idea. This will solve one annoying issue, PvP gear being better and easier to get the PvE gear when new content is released.

If Trion learned anything from released Infernal Dawn is that the gear gap needs to be bigger if they want progress to last longer. Gating stuff is not the answer. But as you saw happening when Hammerknell was released, the gear gap was big, but to fill that gap you could just farm PvP gear for a few days and fill it with PvP gear rather then farming Hammerknell for PvE gear, which would have taken months to do.

But anyway, we will see what Trion decides to do. I will keep you posted.

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  1. Marko

    Yea I agree with you that this will probably not be the last world event before SL.
    There’s that Monster Mash achieve in the World Event category in Achievements. It is most likely going to occur in the week of Halloween.
    The new Autumn Harvest World Event states it will last from 12th September to 10th October. Halloween is 31st of October.

    What I see happening is Autumn Harvest World Event until 10th October, then in the week of Halloween (or around there) we’ll get a brief Monster Mash World Event.

    Then there will be a final world event some time later that will include that City Siege achieve (the one with the City instant adventures and 5 bosses).

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