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The Rift Fishing Guide is here ! By now it’s not a secret anymore ! Trion listened to our pleas and is introducing Fishing to Rift ! That’s right, in the next major patch we will get 3 new secondary professions to keep us busy: Fishing, Trapping and Survival. In this post I am going to concentrate on creating a rough Fishing Guide based on what is available on PTS at this time.

Update: this guide is fully updated contain accurate information from the live servers.

Equip your fishing pole and embark on an epic fishing adventure across Telara !

Fishing guide – General info

Fishing is a secondary profession which means it can be trained even if you have 3 professions learned already so don’t worry about having to drop one of your professions to pick up fishing. There are two fishing trainers for each faction. One is located in the capital city, next to the Workbench in Sanctum and next to the drinks vendor in South Epoch Plaza in Meridian. The other one is located in Argent Glade for Guardians and in Kelari Refuge for Defiants. When you train in your capital city you will also get a quest that sends you to the trainer in the starting area. Once you get there and you turn the quest in, you will get a fishing pole to start fishing with, so don’t buy one from the trainer unless you intend to skip the quests. There are an additional 3 quests that are intended to teach you about how to fish in deep and shallow water.

So how does it work ? You get your first fishing pole, you open your bags and drag the fishing pole on to your hotbars. Then you press it from the bar and pick a spot with your mouse. You will notice a circle appears on the water. If it’s red then you are trying to cast to close or you don’t have enough skill. If it’s blue then the click the water and the cast will go off. Now you wait with your mouse over the place where the cast landed. After some time you will see your cursor turning into a fish icon. When that happens you right click. Sometimes the fish pops in your bags, sometimes the cast remains in the water. In that case you wait again until the fish icon appears and click again. This can repeat up to 3 times.

If the fish only “bites” once then you can catch a grey item or a white quality fish/artifact. If the fish bites twice your chances are that you either catch a white quality item or a green one. If the fish bites 3 times then you got yourself a blue item!

Fishing Guide – Zone requirements

As you probably guessed by now each area has a skill requirement. The requirement is the same for both shallow and deep water.


If you wish you complete your Marvelous Angler of Telara achievement by the time you fully leveled fishing you can make sure you pass through all the areas while leveling. This will make it less boring as well, combine fishing with a little bit of site seeing.

For example you can start in Freemach, level there until 20, move to Silverwood next and fish there until you have 40 skill. Then head out to Gloamwood up to 75 skill, pass by the fishing trainer and train fishing up to 150, use your Ascended Power: Teleport to Stonefield and do some more fishing there, etc.


Rift Fishing Guide - Area requirements

Fishing Guide – Lures and Poles

There are 3 types of lures available:

  1. General lure (improves your overall chance of catching interesting things). This lure is called Irresistible Water Snail (10 charges) and can be crafted using 2 of the fish caught in the low level areas: 1 Smooth Minnow and 1 Forest Pondleaper. The lure can also drop from chests obtained by turning in fish at the exchange NPC in each area.
  2. Fish lure (improves your chance of catching better aquatic animals). Currently there are two fish lures ingame:
    • Fish Lure – crafted from 1 Lesser Crystalfish and 1 Echidna Fish. This lure is Green and it guarantees you will only catch usable aquatic animals, meaning you will not catch grey junk but only white and above quality fish (10 charges).
    • Rare Fish Lure - crafted from 1 Burrowing Crab and  1 Moonhorse guarantees that you will catch only uncommon and rare fish (5 charges).
  3. Artifact lure (improves your chance of catching artifacts). At this time there are 3 lures of this type available:
    • Timed Magnetic Lure – crafted from 1 Ironshell Crab and 1 Stellscale Trasher will triple your chances of fishing collectibles. This lure lasts 10 minutes.
    • Magnetic Lure - greatly increases your chances of catching artifacts. This lure is a drop from the reward chests obtainable from the exchange NPCs available in each area.
    • Rare Artifact Attractor - THE lure every artifact junky will crave. It greatly improves your chance of fishing rare artifacts. This lure drops from the Ember Isle reward chests (10 charges).

Fishing Guide - Rare epic lure

You noticed that all lures except one have charges. If a lure had 10 charges it means that you can cast 10 times, after that the buff disappears. If a fish requires 3 clicks in order to be reeled in only one charge will be consumed. So the charge applies per catch and not per click. Also, as you can notice in the imagine above, these lures require a certain fishing pole in order to be usable. This brings us to the second part of this fishing guide section, the poles.

There are 5 fishing poles:

  1. Beginner’s Fising Pole - which you can buy from the trainer or obtain by doing the quest the trainer gives.
  2. Standard Fishing Pole - can be trained at 75 skill and requires: 2 Cotton Cloth, 1 Light Varnish (reagent sold by the trainer) and 1 Beginner’s Fishing Pole. When you craft a new pole, the old one disappears from your bags.
  3. Metal Fishing Pole - requires 150 skill and: 2 Linen Cloth, 1 Creeperseed Oil (sold by the trainer), 1 Steeled Cord (sold by the vendor) and 1 Standard Fishing Pole.
  4. Imbued Fishing Pole - can be crafted when you reach 225 skill in fishing and requires: 2 Silk Cloth, 1 Heavy Lacquer (sold by trainer), 1 Composite Cord and 1 Metal Fishing Pole.
  5. Lucky Fishing Pole - can be trained once you reach 300 fishing skill and the materials needed are: 2 Composite Cloth, 1 Runewoven Cord (sold by vendor), 1 Reagent Enchanted Lacquer (sold by vendor) and 1 Imbued Fishing Pole.

All of the 5 fishing poles have unique models. I really liked the fact that Trion took the time to give an unique look to each fishing pole. Oh yes, almost forgot. Every time you upgrade your fishing pole you will have to redrag it on your bar. But the inconvenience ends once you reach 300 skill. This concludes the general part of the Fishing Guide, I will follow up with detailed zone catches, achievements and artifact set.

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