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Rift Fishing Pets

In patch 1.8 Trion has added Fishing and Survival as secondary professions to Rift. Fishing brings along 260 Achievement Points and 9 new pets to keep us company in our adventures.

There are the frog pets and the crab pets, to be more exact, 3 crab pets that can be obtained either by completing artifact sets or by gaining certain achievements which reward them and 6 frog pets that can be obtained in the same way as the frog pets. Let’s take a closer look at every one of these pets.

Rift Fishing Pets – Crabs

As I said before there are 3 crab pets that can be obtained by fishing.

  • Obtained from achievements:
    • Tame Isle Crab rewarded by the achievement Master Trophy Angler.

Tame Isle Crab Rift Pet

  • Obtained from artifact sets:
    • Tame Powdernose Crab rewarded by the set Marvelous Sea Creature Trophies;

Tame Powdernose Crab

    • Tame Burrowing Crab rewarded by the set Crustacean Trophies.

Tame Burrowing Crab rift pet

Rift Fishing Pets – Frogs

There are 6 Frog pets waiting to jump along side of you while you take on the challenges offered by Telara.

  • Obtained from achievements:
    • Red-eyed Tree Frog rewarded by The Rarest Catch achievement.

Red-eyed Tree Frog rift pet

  • Obtained from artifact sets:
    • Leopard Frog rewarded when completing the artifact set Rare Fish of Stonefield and Gloamwood;

Leopard Frog rift pet

    • Green Frog rewarded by the artifact set Rare Fish of Silverwood and Freemarch;

Green Frog rift pet

    • Yellow Banded Frog awarded by completing the artifact set Rare Fish of Shimmersand, Stillmoor, and Ember Isle;

 Yellow Banded Frog rift pet

    • Blue Dart Frog is rewarded when completing the artifact set Rare Fish of Moonshade Highlands, Droughtlands, and Iron Pine Peak;

Blue Dart Frog rift pet

    • Red Dart Frog awarded by the artifact set Rare Fish of Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach.

Red Dart Frog rift pet

These are the pets that can be obtained by fishing in Rift. 4 blue quality pets and 5 green quality pets. I must admit that they could had made something more original. I am sure that the frogs and the crabs are way to small to notice the color difference on them, so unless they have some extraordinary visuals effects you are not going to be able to tell them apart. But if you are a collecting freak like me then you will love them all and add them to your ever growing collection !

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