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Rift Gameplay – Cleric

I’m going to talk a bit about Rift Gameplay and I’m going to start with the Cleric class since it’s the class I’m currently playing. Clerics are a versatile class to play. They can tank, heal, support or be a range or melee damage dealer. When you get bored of doing one thing you can change your Rift Gameplay and fill a different role. Also it’s a very good class when it comes to both PvE and PvP. You can easily grind with a Cleric, adapt to a raid needs or have fun in PvP as a healer or a DPS. The only downside to it’s versatility is that it won’t be top at everything, but it’s still an amazing class. But let’s begin with the beginning.

Cleric Rift Gameplay – General

Clerics wear Chain armor so they are pretty tough, but they can also equip Cloth and Leather (if you want to steal the gear from the Mages). Now for a quick rundown of the stats. The main stat that you want to focus on is Spell Power also known as SP. There is no SP cap so the more the better. Spell Power increases your damage dealt and the healing done. Tanks also benefit from Spell Power because it increases your Dodge, Parry and Block. Second in line is Wisdom. One point of Wisdom grants you 0.75 Spell Power and increases the rate at which your mana regenerates. 3rd on the list is Intelligence as it only grants 0.25 SP for 1 point but it increases your mana pool and your spell critical hit rating. Endurance just increases your health pool so it’s mostly useful for tanks.

Basically, depending on which Rift Gameplay you choose you should focus on one stat in particular. If you want to heal then you need to go for as much Wisdom as possible. If you decide to DPS then Spell Power is your best friend. If you go for tanking then you need to go for Endurance.

Rift Gameplay - Cleric class


Cleric Rift Gameplay – Souls

Every class has 8 souls to pick from plus the PvP soul. For a Cleric you can pick from Cabalist, Druid, Inquisitor, Justicar, Purifier, Sentinel, Shaman and Warden plus the PvP soul, Templar. Cabalist is a DPS soul that is mainly based on AOE damage and crowd control and it’s used as a main soul in raiding, PvP and solo PvE at this time. Druid is a melee DPS soul that also involves a pet. Pets aren’t great at this time so Druid is not really used at this time. For ranged DPS the best pick is Inquisitor. It’s the best single target DPS main soul at them moment and it’s not bad when it comes to AOE. The tanking soul is the Justicar soul. It’s not only used for tanking but also for Support. There are multiple specs that include 14 points in Justicar because it provides nice Aoe healing and passive healing. It’s great for solo PvE, grinding and also in raids where aoe healing is needed but DPS can’t be sacrificed. Purifier is the main soul used for tank healing. It specializes in preventing damage by using shields. Sentinel is a healing soul that also has a combat ress. At the moment it’s not used as a main healing soul because of the poor mana regeneration, but it is used in combination with either Purifier or Warden. Shaman is another melee DPS soul. It doesn’t have a pet but it has a charge, quite nice if you’re in a hurry to get from mob to mob. Warden is the best healing soul at this time. It can either be used as 51 warden or in combination with Sentinel. It has HoTs and also big heals, it lacks shields but has the best Aoe healing you can get at the moment and also great mana regenetation.

Rift Gameplay Cleric Souls


Cleric Rift Gameplay – Specs

There are a few very popular specs to choose from, depending on what Rift Gameplay you picked for your Cleric. For a healer the most efficient and fun to play spec is the following: 32 Warden/ 34 Sentinel. This spec has HoTs, big heals, instant heals, fast AoE healing, damage reduction cooldowns, a combat ress and great mana regeneration. This is an universal healing spec. It can do both raid and tank healing without having to worry about running out of mana. Just keep 4 stacks of Soothing Stream up on the tank(s) and heal using Healing Invocation. Have Healing Breath in reach incase of spike damage and don’t forget to keep Healing Flood up.

If you want to DPS and to see big numbers popping then you need to pick 51 Inquisitor / 10 Sentinel / 5 Cabalist. This spec offers the best single target damage at the moment and also nice Aoe damage if needed. For this spec you need to keep two DoTs up: Vex and Banish. The rest of the rotation is Sanction Heretic, Life’s Vengeance, Bolt of Judgement (all these can be placed in one macro) and when Life and Death Concord proccs and Bolt of Depravity becomes and instant cast, use Fanaticism then Bolt of Judgement (these two can be placed in one macro also). If you want to aoe use Fanaticism followed by Soul Drain (attention, Soul Drain requires you to be in melee range) and then channel Circle of Oblivion. Don’t forget to buff ! Use Mien of Aggression, Shroud of Agony, Spiritual Protection and Armor of Awakening. If the fight involves you taking a lot of damage then it’s advisable to use Armor of Treachery instead in order to avoid taking extra damage.

For PvE and grinding there is a nice spec called Cabicar that is a combination between the Cabalist aoe damage and the Justicar passive healing. The spec is 51 Cabalist / 11 Justicar / 4 Warden. There is also a very useful raiding spec that has two combat resses, the Senticar. It reaches deep into Justicar for the second combat ress but it offers great Aoe healing, great mana regen and two combat resses. Great spec for learning new encounters: 33 Sentinel / 31 Justicar / 2 Inquisitor. The possibilities are endless ! But remember, whatever you decide to pick just enjoy your Cleric Rift Gameplay !

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