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Rift Mounts – Black Tail Vaiyuu Reins

This morning I was doing some Rift Instant Adventures and out of the blue a mount decided to drop. It was the Black Tail Vaiyuu Reins, I believe this is the random mount that was supposed to drop from the Christmas World Event that just ended a few days ago.

Update: it turns out that this mount is a specific drop from Shimmersand Instant Adventures. It has a low drop rate and it’s only gained by doing instant adventures.

On the bright side, you will finish your Shimmersan Adventurerest ! achievement by the time you will get this mount. Nonetheless Instant Adventures are a great way to earn XP for your Planar Attunement  tree.

I didn’t think it was obtainable anymore, or maybe it’s just a different mount, I can’t remember exactly but I finally got “Stable Master” Achievement ! Now I’m missing only a few rares for Ultimate Hunter Achievement, some PvP ones and some Raid Achievements and that’s all. Trion needs to give more achievements.

I must say that the mount goes very well with the Cleric PvP armor and also with the Hammerknell PvE set. Here are a few screenshots of the mount.
Black Tail Vaiyuu Reins Rift Mounts

Black Tail Vaiyuu Reins

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