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Rift Titles – The Annihilator(s)

We finally got it ! The Annihilator title is now ours. In order to get this title you need to kill 5.000 players in the following areas: Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peaks and Stillmoor.

It’s not the easier thing to get and it will require a lot of time. I think the Shimmersand one would be the hardest to get. People tend to fight more in Iron Pine Peaks and in Stillmoor then they do in Shimmersand.

But if you don’t slack on your PvP dailies you will work your way up to this achievement. Make sure you arm yourself with a lot of patience though :) , maybe bring a friend to keep you company, time goes faster when you add a little bit of Teamspeak fun !

How to get The Annihilator Rift Title

Also each zone awards it’s own title. For Shimmersand you get the title Scourge of the North, for Stillmoor you receive the title Nightstalker and for Iron Pine Peaks you become known as the Ice Cold Killer. Nice titles to flash around. Very unique also, only a few people have them.

Rift Titles Open World PvP

Yet another shard first achievement claimed by the “try hard” team of Special Olympics. Special thanks to Raffter and to our killing machine Skarbor for their patience ! Now all we got left to do is kill even more players for the most time consuming achievement in the game: Thanks for the Tip. Only 83 platinum to go ! Almost done with all achievements in the game… Trion here we come so you better add more !

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