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Special Olympics is recruiting for Storm Legion

Published on June 17, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

Trion announced that Infernal Dawn was the last 20 man raid we will see as level 50s. An expansion is on the way, Storm Legion is out to get us. Special Olympics is preparing for the storm and we need you !

This is the point where gear doesn’t matter, if you are a new player or a returning player and you’re not Hammerknell or Infernal Dawn geared it doesn’t matter. All the gear will be useless in the expansion.

We are recruiting anyone that thinks it has what it takes to be Europe number one guild :P . But before you can make your decision check the requirements below.

Here are a few of our requirements:

  • you have to be able to troll the Rift forums without getting banned.
  • you must posses the ability to make childish paint drawings and stick them on our main page.
  • you must be able to stay awake after the raids and troll with us on Team Speak.

Now on a more serious note, all we look for in a person is dedication, motivation and the ability to move from ground AoE. We will be racing for world 1st kills when the expansion will hit. This means it will be quite a race to which guild gets 20 level 60 characters first. But I don’t think I need to explain you how expansions go.

Also we are looking for people that wish to join us for Infernal Dawn until the expansion will be released. We will keep ID on farm until then so if you wish to come along you are welcomed. For the first time in Special Olympics history we are recruiting a cleric ! Also we are interested in a rogue and as always in mages.

I would tell you on which shard to find us, but we are a bunch of nomads and go with the flow. My best guess is that we will be either on BloodIron, Icewatch or Blightweald.

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