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Special Olympics vs. Akylios

So after we facerolled the previous two bosses, we finally got to Akylios, the Dragon who turned into a Squid. Akylios fight is worthy of a last boss, or was untill a few days ago when it got nerfed. Multiple phases, complex tactics, awareness required for the entire 20 minutes of the fight and everyone had to perform at it’s best. With every raid that went by we progressed more and more, from where we first felt into the water because we didn’t jump on the platform in phase one to taking the beast down, Europe first, World 3rd kill.

But on that faithful night of 3rd October when he first died, Akylios said: There should only be Cleric loot ! And every time we killed him since then he always dropped one or even two relic Cleric weapons. We, the Clerics have relics for main specc, off specc, vendor specc, bank specc, etc, while the Mages are still crying waiting for a staff to drop.  I will post both videos of the kill, the one with a soundtrack and the Teamspeak version. Enjoy until 1.7 and the new 20 man !

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