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Special Olympics vs. Estrode

Estrode is a fun fight if you have to figure her out on your own instead of reading the tactics ¬†somewhere. When we first got to her we knew the general idea of what she does, steal people’s abilities, but we didn’t knew what she did with them. I guess getting to a boss before anyone else makes it way more fun. So at 1 am in the morning we armed our selfs with a lot of patience, a piece of paper and a pen and we start figuring out what each soul did when she stole it. That night we spend quite a few hours figuring out a soul combination for each class that would not wipe the raid in 1 second and would still be viable for DPS.

So the next day we were armed and ready to take her down and … surprise ! she bugged at ¬†around 60% and didn’t do anything but Mind Control people for the rest of the fight. Not a very special video, but it’s quite funny to listen to our leaders reacting to her bugging out.

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