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Special Olympics vs. Grugonim

Grugonim was one of my favorite raid bosses in Hammerknell Fortress. He was impossible to kill when Hammerknell first came out. It was mathematically impossible to DPS him down in time for the enrage timer, even with the underground phase kept to a bare minimum. But once it got fixed and the adds provided us with a buff that increased our DPS with each stack we gained we got him in two days.

But over time the fight got simplified a lot, the boss got changed almost every week, sometimes even two times a week, it’s very easy to kill him now. It’s not a DPS race anymore and it’s not necessary to keep the DPS buff up. It’s mostly tank and spank and run away from the giant worm when he goes underground. Still a fun fight !

In this video you can see our tactic, which involves strafing to the side to avoid Decay and Bile, rather then running from one side of the boss to the other. We learned that running through the boss sometimes involved people getting tail swiped so we removed that risk by  adopting this strategy.

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