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Special Olympics vs. Inquisitor Garau

With the lower wing cleared we headed to the water wing. And because we did extensive testing on PTS on both Darktide and Garau we rolled the dice on which boss to go first and we ended at Inquisitor Garau. After King Molinar and Grugonim we expected the upper wing to be difficult, but to our amazement it only took us 3 tries to kill Garau for the first time. Someone actually typed before we pulled “I heard we’re 3 shotting” and so we did.

What can I say about Garau, it’s a really boring fight for a healer, all you do is stand in one spot and heal the tank and try to time a Divine Call with the bolts landing in the ranged camp to steal some HPS from the Chloromancers. Hope you enjoy the video !

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