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Special Olympics vs. Inwar Darktide

Inwar Darktide is the most annoying fight in Hammerknell. It’s not to complicated but the side that you’re not on always wipes you ! Always … And after you think you got the first phases right and you get to fight Darktide himself your raid gets caught on both sides and you wipe and you need to do it all over again ! So we devised a very interesting but long tactic in which we do the left side first while the right side waits for us to finish, then we all hop over to the right side and finish that side, so when Darktide engages the entire raid is on one side only.

I think Darktide takes us longer then Akylios does. And after all these months there is still someone getting hit by the blue circles and knocked off the edge. A lot of sitting around and waiting in this encounter. At least we get to talk a lot of useless and weird stuff in the healers chat durying this fight. I think some of the chat is readable in this video. Also the song at 11:00 minutes it’s a special dedication for Paul as a reference to his instructions given to the right side raid.

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