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Special Olympics vs. Matron Zamira

The second raid boss we defeated in Hammerknell Fortress was Matron Zamira. This isn’t a video of our World First Kill either, but one I recorded at a later date. Our first kill was amazing and funny I wish we had it. But this video is special in it’s own way because it immortalizes the voice of Celay, our French rogue. We miss you Celay !

But back to the boss now, we never tested Zamira on the Rift Test Shards so we had no clue about the tactics, but we soon noticed that the more stacks it gained the harder it hit on the tanks so it  became obvious that we needed to find a way to remove them. So we started to look around the room for something to use and we discovered the elevators. We figured out  what to do with the Tomes but we never figured out the Skulls. Actually we learned about the Skull mechanics in December 2011.

We ended up using all the Tomes and still being left with about 30% health on the boss, so we just decided to brute force the encounter by using a Cleric with a 51 Purifier specc and try to prevent the damage as much as possible. After reaching the point where our tanks got killed in one hit, we used a combat ress rotation and tank cooldowns to survive through the last 15% of the fight. Was quite a funny night, getting world first kills on both Murdantix and Zamira.

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