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Special Olympics vs. Rune King Molinar

Rune King Molinar is my least favorite fight in Hammerknell. I like the complicated mechanics but somehow I never grew fond of it. Maybe it’s because of all those missed interrupts at 20% ! In my opinion King and Estrode should change places. The difficulty of the fight should earn him the status of an end wing boss. When Hammerknell Fortress first opened the raid setup for this fight was hard to figure. We needed all the dps we could get but on the other side, his Cursed Blows hurt so bad we needed a lot of healers and his mechanics were so unforgivable that we needed combat resses so it was not possible to run 51 Wardens as healers. Was a big headache !

But fortunately Paul came up with the tactic that enabled us to kill them. We geared our melee with Death resistance and we tanked them on top of each other and AOEd them down. This was the only real tactic that worked at that time, except the exploit one where you just purged Cursed Blows.

But poor King got nerfed at least 10 times now, so it’s easy to defeat him by just using the split DPS tactic. All the death resistance and perfect positioning by the tanks is just a thing of the past.

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