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Special Olympics vs. Sicaron

Every time I enter Sicaron’s room I feel like laughing, thinking back on how we missed the World First kill on him and how creative we were when we tried to figure out the tactics. First time we attempted him we couldn’t figure out how to avoid wiping at 80%. The person that was in charge of purging always said it can’t be purged, so we resorted to building barriers out of those contracts, running away, hiding in the contracts, tanking him on the altar, under the altar, whatever you can think of, we tried it and it in end it was just a purge ! Guess we aren’t that good at purging since we didn’t figure out to purge and exploit Rune King either.

But by the time we found out it’s only a purge that has to be done, it was to late, the boss got changed, so it couldn’t be tanked with 1 tank anymore and we needed more healers when 2 tanks were necessary and we didn’t make the DPS requirements anymore. So we had to wait another week until we were able to kill him.

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