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Special Olympics vs. Soulrender Zilas

Mister Soulrender Zilas, the King of RNG, the boss that took us way to much time to kill. The memories… If I remember correctly, we spent around 12 hours on this guy. When Hammerknell Fortress first opened, this Raid boss was bugged. After you would engage him and wipe once, he would continue to do his Death Beam over and over and over every minute, regardless of where the raid was. I recall trying Sicaron and getting the emote from Zilas every minute.

So given that it was bugged, Trion decided to fix it with a patch. But the US got the patch Wednesday and we got it Thursday ! We just didn’t want to give up the world first kill so easily so we decided to start raiding at 5 am, when the servers would come online. And so we did, Raffter called everybody at 5 in the morning and we got together a sleepy raid and went to pay Mister Zilas an early visit. We weren’t very successful, but at least we got an idea about the tactics. The early morning adventure ended around 12 am, resumed at 5 pm, and went on for the most part of the night until some of us almost felt asleep at the computer. But the next day we came for a second visit, and with renewed forces we killed him in our first attempt of the day. This video is actually from our first kill, now world first but still EU first.

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