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Stillmoor Fishing Guide

To fish in Stillmoor you need at least 210 fishing skill. Then you can head to one of the four ponds that formed during the last rainy season and cast away. Here is what you may catch:

100 catches in Stillmoor in Shallow Water:

  • 66 Brown Perch (white fish)
  • 17 Firebelly Snapper (green fish)
  • 12 Moonleaper (blue fish)
  • 3 Stillmoor fishing artifacts (white and blue items)
  • 2 Mathosian Treasure Chest (blue item)

Some more rain as felt over Stillmoor and there is now Deep Water also.

100 catches from Stillmoor in Deep Water:

  • 73 Teal Grouper (white fish)
  • 15 Bull Chamelionfish (green fish)
  • 8 Stillmoor Devil (blue fish)
  • 2 Stillmoor fishing artifacts (white and green items)
  • 1 Stillmoor normal artifact (white item)
  • 1 Mathosian Treasure Chest (blue item)

When it comes to Stillmoor there are only 2 common fishes, one for each type of water, as in the other zones the trend is for 4 common fish types, 2 for each type of water.

Stillmoor Fishing Spots

I am sure that the most asked question when it comes to Stillmoor fishing is going to be: Where can I fish in Stillmoor ? Well, as I said before, some raid has dropped over Stillmoor lately and 4 ponds formed.


Two pools are located next to Hillsborough, coordinates are 1528,3137. Both of this pools contain shallow water and even if you can swim in one of them, it is not considered to be deep water.

Another small pool has formed at 2312,2332 next to the road leading into Burlingham. The last fishing place I found is located at 2043,1992 and this one also has water deep enough to swim in. This last fishing place is the one that contains the Deep Water and it is the only Deep Water spot in Stillmoor.

Guess it’s going to be crowded, I wouldn’t want to be on a high populated PvP shard. I would assume a lot of people are going to take the opportunity an try to complete their 5000 kills in each zone achievement.

Stillmoor Fishing Map - Rift fishing guide

Stillmoor Fish Exchange

The Fish Exchange NPC for Stillmoor is located in Zareph’s Return, right in front of the Porticulum. His name is Keldan and he belongs to the Order of Mathos.

Keldan fish exchange npc - fishing in rift

He is accepting 3 Moonleapers or 3 Stillmoor Devils and in return you can choose between an Order of Mathos Major Fishing Award that gives 250 reputation with the Order of Mathos or pick an Order of Mathos Tacklebox that can contain fishing lures, rare fishing lures, potions, scrools, artifacts and boe items related to Stillmoor.


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