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The endless grind for Planar Attunement points…

To keep us busy, Trion gave us the Planar Attunement points. To fill in everything, 924 levels are required. That’s a lot of farm if you ask me ! But what must be done has to be done. If you’re aiming for being the best you can’t just not farm PA. Those extra stats you gain from the PA can make of break a fight in the next 20 man raid. I wish we had them when we lacked 1% on Jornaru to avoid him spawning a 3rd wave of adds. When the Chronicles were added you could just use an experience vial and farm the trash over and over but unfortunately that didn’t last long. After they made it so you get locked to Chronicles as soon as you kill a trash mob there was no efficient way of farming. Just endless grinding of the elites in the Endless Citadel.

But now we have Ember Isle ! There is no place better to farm PA levels then on the isle. After way to many hours of farming, our Warriors had devised the most efficient plan of farming PA levels. It works great on Whitefall at the moment, I don’t know how well it will work on a more crowded shard, but the idea is you need to pick an outpost and upgrade it to the maximum. The more upgraded the towers are the more invasions come in one wave. In an outpost fully upgraded there are 5 or 6 invasions per wave. When the invasions tire of that outpost you either move to the next closest outpost and kill things there for 3-4 minutes or you just wait at the initial outpost and kill random mobs around it until the invasions resume. Running to a different outpost might end up with someone else claiming your initial outpost. We fight over the best spots all the time.

With the 15% bonus that we got as a Christmas present and an experience vial, if you still have any left, it take less then 50 invasions for a PA level. It goes really fast. Also the 250.000 experience that we get as a reward for the daily expert dungeon and the daily PvP quest is a nice addition. One almost free PA level a day keeps the Endless away ! I’ve been slacking with my PA’s and I only have 235 levels, still 689 to go ! My goal is to fill in Fire, Earth and Air tiers, even if I use a main hand and an off hand rather then a staff. I belive Earth, Fire, Air and Death are a safe bet given that we still have to defeat Maelforge, Laethys, Crucia and Regulos.

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