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The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 2

Published on July 11, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

I am going to make the same type of guide for The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 as I made for The Little Scavenger Hunt, Part 2, with pretty pictures so you can see where you need to go without having to pinpoint coordinates on the map. Faster and easier in my oppinion.

For the The Great Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 you will have to complete 6 challenges and for your effort you will receive 1 Summerfest Friendship Bracelet and 100 Summerfest Merit Badges. The challanges take place in the following areas: Scarwood Reach, Droughtlands, Moonshade Highlands, Iron Pine Peak, Shimmersand and Stillmoor.

Pick up the quest from the Summerfest area in the Training Yard in Meridian or South auction house in Sanctum and you’re ready to go.

Scarwood Reach Challenge

The Scarwood Reach Challenge is called Harpy Chow and the NPC that gives it is named Corious Dwain.

Scarwood Reach Challenge

You can find him in the area marked with the red circle. Once you take the quest you have to find 15 Ironwood Vipers. They are snakes and you can find them lurking around the big tree stomps in Scarwood Reach. See the area marked with the blue circles to get an idea of where you need to run about. Make a macro “target Ironwood” and run around and spam it until you target a Viper. Go close to it and use your temporary ability on it. A harpy should appear and eat the snake.

Find 15 of these snakes and you’re done. You will get 25 Summerfest Merit Badges for completing this challenge. Collect them and move on to the next challenge.

Droughtlands Challenge

Puissant Paleontology is the name of the Droughtlands Challenge. You pick it up from Clinton the Brewer which is hiding under the bridge between Freemarch and Droughtlands. See the red circle in the image below.

Droughtlands Challenge

The objective of this challenge is to find 5 good dig sites in Harlan’s Lament (the area marked with the blue circle). There will be some small bone piles in the middle of the tar pits. You need to use the temporary reactive ability on them. They spawn and despawn really fast so this challenge shouldn’t take to long to complete. At the end of the quest you will receive 25 Summerfest Merit Badges for your effort.

Moonshade Highlands Challenge

The Moonshade Highlands Challenge is called Attitude Adjustment and it’s quite funny. The quest giver’s name is Morold the Fae Bane. See the red circle in the image below for it’s location.

Moonshade Challenge

Once you accept the quest you will get a temporary reactive ability which you need to use on 10 Foulmouthed Boglings. The name of the ability is “A Good Smackin`”. I wish we could keep this ability forever and be able to use it on whiny guildies and crying casuals on the forums. Would be the best thing ever.

Back to the quest, make a macro “target Foulmouthed Boglings” and run around Moonshade and spam that macro. They spawn all over the place. The areas marked with blue circles are the areas where I found them on PTS but feel free to run all over the map. You can either spam the targeting macro or enable nameplates if you don’t have them on. The quest mobs are friends and you can spot them easily between the red mobs.

After you slap 10 unhappy creatures you will receive 25 Summerfest Merit Badges for your effort.

Iron Pine Peaks Challenge

To complete the Iron Pine Peaks Challenge you will have to do the quest Locate the Book of Riddles. The quest giver NPC is called Mertin Latharn and the stand next to the stables in the Chancel of Labors (marked with a red circle in the image below).

Iron Pine Peaks Challenge

Take the quest and then head out to the cave East of Chancel of Labors. The cave is called Crystal Depths and it’s circled with blue on the map. The purpose of this challenge is to find the Book of Riddles which is hidden in Chancel of Labors. So why are you going to a cave ? If you ever bother to do the IPP daily quests, you will remember the quest where you have to power up the forge with 100 crystals. You picked up those crystals inside the cave then used the teleport device inside the cave to make it back to Chancel of Labors fast. To find the Book of Riddles you will have to set the teleporter’s color to green then step through the portal (if the teleport is not active click it once to set it on the correct color). You will find the book on the table. Pick it up and you’re done.

I know that if Paul is going to read this he is going to be like: What ? since he probably never did the dailies, so for those that didn’t understand anything from the paragraph above here is a more detailed explanation.

Step 1: enter the cave and look to your right. You will see the teleporter device at the back of the cave (that thing in the red circle).

Book or Riddles

Step 2: Go to it. If it is inactive click it twice to set it on the correct color. This is how it looks in it’s inactive state.

Book of Riddles IPP

Step 3: if it’s already active make sure it’s on the correct color. Trion doesn’t use green and blue they use some crap colors so it’s hard to tell which one is which. Your best bet is to click it until it deactivates then click it 1 more time to set it on the correct color.

Step 4: go through the portal that will appear to the left of the teleport device. If you used the correct color you will end up in the room with the book.

The Book of Riddles will be on the table. If it’s not there means someone else picked it up and you will have to wait for it to respawn.

At the end of this challenge you will be awarded 25 Summerfest Merit Badges.

Shimmersand Challenge

Beach Combing for the Discerning Vacationist is the name of the Shimmersand Challenge. The NPC that gives this quest can be found in Fortune’s Shore and his name is Khufarus the Sand Scoured (marked in the image below with a red circle).

Shimmersand Challenge

The objective of this quest is to find 25 Hidden Treasures along the beaches of Shimmersand. You will gain a temporary ability when you accept this quest. Use it to see the Hidden Treasures. The only place I found them in was along the shoreline of Dunes of Akala (see the area marked with a blue circle), where the elites are and all the way up. It makes sense, since that is the only area that will qualify as a beach. The rest is just shoreline without sand.

I hope Trion will cut down the number of treasures we need to find to avoid another fiasco like the tree planting in Scarwood in the first phase of Summerfest. When you complete this quest you will receive 25 Summerfest Merit Badges for your amazing sand digging skills.

Stillmoor Challenge

The Stillmoor Chanllenge is an easy one. It’s called Stillmoor Sparklies and you pick up at from Campmaster Crosby which is located at Endless Watch (red circle on the map). It’s easier to teleport to Exile’s Den and run to him from there.

Stillmoor Challenge

To complete this challenge you will have to find 3 artifacts, complete the set and turn it in to the Artifact guy in Meridian/Sanctum. These 3 artifacts you are looking spawn in the graveyard North of Crusaders Advance and South of Burlingham. If you played Conquest as Oathsworn enough you will know where that is. For those that don’t know, it’s marked in the image above with a blue circle. At the end of this challenge you will receive 25 Summerfest Merit Badges.

At the end of this adventure you will have a total of 1 Summerfest Friendship Bracelet and 250 Summerfest Merit Badges.

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5 Responses

  1. Kaldyr

    Regarding the Scarwood one, use ‘target IronROOT’ rather than Ironwood.

  2. admin

    The Shimmersand quest will be the most annoying one to complete. I walked all around Shimmersand’s shore line and I did not find 1 single Treasure.
    I know some people did complete the Shimmersand challenge, they camped the area around The Flatyard. I did try to do the same between Conquest games but it’s been a fiasco. I’m still at 0/25.

  3. admin

    For the Droughtlands challenge, I think those digging spots are supposed to sparkle above the tar so you can see them. But I couldn’t see them even though I have max details settings.
    So the best way to find them is to mouseover the tar. Run circles and mouseover everything, you will find them soon enough.
    Also when you find one remember the spot, they will respawn at a decent rate.

  4. Cindy

    For me, I found the best drop rate for the gold in Scarlet Gorge in the Thundersork Ridge cave. Even though I found several seams in the spider cave at the base of the falls, not one gold dropped for me!. My drop rate was about 35% by the time I found all of them.

  5. sschriver

    I notice you said to use temporary abilities for several of them, but I never got temporary ability buttons. Its a bit confusing. I also found that in Scarwood Reach, the upper snake area is bugged. In my group, our harpies kept getting stuck in the ground at a certain spot and bugging out. On our second night, someone showed us a better area and we got it done in just a few minutes. It was extremely frustrating though. We thought we were doing something wrong and kept abandoning and picking up the quest….and zoning and camping. It was ridiculous.

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