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Zerging in Conquest

Published on July 18, 2012 by in Rift Gameplay

It seems that Trion has had enough of the forum QQ about Conquest and they are attempting once again to make it work “as intended”. To be perfectly honest, I liked the way Conquest was, you knew what faction to join depending on what you needed from Conquest. Now with these new changes it can be anyone’s guess how things will end up.

A lot of the complains on the forum are that Oathsworn has a favorable position on the map which allows them to capture stuff more quickly. The truth is that Nightfall win just as fast as Oathsworn does IF (and this is a big big if) they would care about winning. I got the ultimate proof that not 1 person that joins Nightfall, on the European shards at least, cares about Extractors.

Nightfall zerg failing

The game was ending and they still had a neutral Extractor 2 steps away from their base, sitting there at full HP, meaning that not 1 single player bothered to dismount and hit it with a Waterjet or something to at least try and tag it.

But anyway, Nightfall was for those that needed Favor, Oathsworn was for those that wanted achievements or Conquest Power and Dominion was for those that were late for the start of the game. With the changes Trion is making with Hotfix #8 this will change. We might see Nightfall winning for the first time in weeks.

The end of zerging in Conquest

There are 2 major changes that will make Conquest zerging useless. First and most obvious, the amount of Favor and Prestige granted for killing players in the open fields of Conquest has been reduced. By how much ? I will have to wait until tomorrow to see. Trion is not very good when it comes to letting us know exact numbers. This will probably make “the Nightfall train” useless since there will be no rewards anymore.

The second change it’s about the last boss in Conquest. The Archlich no longer spawns immediately at the start of the bonus phase. It now spawns only after all Planar Foci are defeated. This means you pretty much have to be the winning team or you won’t make it to the last boss. This will encourage more PvP and more force respawning during the last 10 minutes of Conquest. So the losing teams will either have to hide in their base until the boss spawns and not risk going to tag the Foci, thus losing Marks of Conquest or be organized and move together as one group and resurrect their dead.

The new way of earning Favor will be to cap Extractors and hold as many as possible throughout the game for max Favor and Prestige gains.

Somehow I have a feeling that no matter what Trion will try to do to force us to play Conquest as they intended it to be played, we will still find a way around it. I mean, first we base camped, they fixed it. Then we made the zerg train, now they are fixing this as well. I wonder what’s next :) .

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