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New target marks incoming in 1.10

Published on August 17, 2012 by in Rift News

Patch 1.10 is going to bring some new interesting features to Rift. The most important one will be the cooperation between the Defiants and Guardians. We are also getting a new World Event that will be Halloween related, Scarwood Reach Instant Adventures, some redesigning of Meridian and Sanctum, etc.

But the most funniest feature that will come with 1.10 are the new target marks. Until now we could use the numbers from 1 to 8 to mark our targets. But that’s just way to serious, and I think after a while we all became number blind.

So Trion is adding some more fun marks for us to use.

New Rift Marks

We can now make sure that people know what they are supposed to do in a group by placing a mark on top of their head that represents their role. We have the Support mark, that looks like a pink flag, followed by the Damage mark, which looks like a red sword. So in case a Mage has doubts if it’s his turn to Archon, just honor him with the pink flag mark :) .

There is also a Heal and a Tank mark, represented by a green cross and a blue shield. The only bad part is that you can only use the marks on one target at a time, otherwise I would mark the entire raid.

We are also getting some even funnier marks. We have the Smile mark. Next time Raffter is going to make us follow him to dodge the waves, I know which mark he is getting. He can wave goodbye to the 3. The next mark is the Avoid, a big red circle. I wish you could use these marks on the ground and not only on a target. It would make life easier.

Then we have the Skull mark and the Arrow mark, to help us point out important targets better, followed by the most cute mark to date, the Squirrel.

Can’t wait for these marks to get on the live servers, it’s going to be funny to play around with them :)

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    VG style. Just missing the “cog”!

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