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Special Olympics recruiting 2 clerics

Published on September 4, 2012 by in Rift News

World First event going on in Special Olympics. We are in need of 2 clerics. Not one, but 2 clerics for our raids.

To keep a long story short, we now have 2 raid teams that are clearing Infernal Dawn so we are little bit stretched on resources when it comes to clerics. We would like 2 more clerics to join our ranks. Since we are so close to the release of Patch 1.10 you can be both Guardian or Defiant now, it doesn’t matter anymore.

You will have to be able to play the following speccs: Inquisitor, Inquisicar, Senticar, Sent/Warden. Having a Spell Power machine for Purifier is a bonus. If you have a specc that has more then 44 points in Sentinel it’s a minus and you’re going to give me a heart attack :) . If you can tank it’s also a plus, but we are mainly looking to fill the DPS/Support/Healing spots for now.

When it comes to gear we are looking for people that have at least the HK set. It’s no problem to get you in ID gear, but we ain’t going back to HK that’s for sure. PA is not something you must have capped, but it would be nice if everyone would be capped by the time Storm Legion is out. Also you need 180.000 Conquest Points for the extra stats.

The raid times are from 18.00 to 22.00 server time, Sunday to Thursday, although at the moment we mainly raid Wednesday and sometimes Thursday. During progression, depending on the situation, these times/dates can be extended. The Clerics of Special Olympics have this tradition of being no lifers and never missing a raid. We wouldn’t want to break that would we ? ;)

What can you except from us ? 

We’re not boring, we do talk a lot of crap during the farm raids, we wipe on silly stuff and we generally have fun. If you except a strict environment it’s not going to be what you imagine. All your friends are welcome and you will find that there is always someone on TS or online to talk to and do stuff with. You can also expect most of the gear to come your way at this point, because the rest of us are pretty much set now. If you don’t fail you will have a permanent raid spot.

We are not the fans of pugs and alt runs, so if you want that to happen you’re going to have to submit yourself to Vera’s trolling. He is in charge of organizing alt runs and stuff. You can expect a full ID clear and a full PF clear. The rest might happen, might not happen.

What do we expect from you ?

First you need to know what a hatch is, because that’s going to be the first question you’re going to be asked :) so study the Rusila Dreadblade encounter. We expect you not to die to mechanics and to be able to see things and improvise on the spot if the situation asks for it. Also when Storm Legion launches we need people to level fast and not slack.

If you wish to apply you can visit our website or whisper Whitelady, Veld or Raffter ingame. We are currently on Blighweald Defiant.

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