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Special Olympics vs. The End of the World

Published on December 21, 2012 by in Rift News

What do “the special people” do on 21st December ? We put our best outfits on, use consumables and prepare for it. No one tested it on PTS so we couldn’t find the strats for it anywhere.

We will have to wait and hope that we can reflect it or that it’s bugged and it gets postponed until next patch !

If we make it alive to the 22nd I promise I will update all the strats, post the Endless Eclipse ones along with the achievement guide for each zone.

Also on the 25th December http://rift-mmorpg.com turns 1 year old ! I will be hosting a contest with Demon Helms, Storm Legion Infinity Edition keys and maybe some owl pets as prizes ! More details coming soon (after the end of the world ;) ).

Until then keep on gaming, keep on trolling ! Cya in Level 60 chat.

Special Olympics vs the end of the world

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  1. Doc

    No need on strats posted for TEOTW (The end of the World), it has a 2000 year enrage, so just take more healers and outheal the git.


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