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Crucia Kill Video

Crucia is the last boss in Frozen Tempest and it is by far the most challenging encounter. It has a lot of phases and the fight last twice as long as any other boss so far.

Crucia Raid Setup

To tank Crucia you only need 2 tanks. The best combo to use would be Rogue/Cleric since the Warriors are a bit behind at the moment when it comes to cooldowns.

Healing wise we had quite  few healers stacked up because we had to much DPS and it kept bugging out, but in theory you could heal this with 2 Wardens, 1 Purifier, 1 Chloro and a Bard/Tactician hybrid.

The support roles were filled by Archon and the same Tactician/Bard we used for healing.

The DPS squad can be anything, you can melee on this fight without issues.

In the Mech suit we had a 61 Defiler which we used in the last phase for links and cooldowns.

Crucia Kill Video

World First Crucia Kill is now on TV ! The trick to killing her was to sacrifice Haipa to the Gods of RNG and hope for the best. So here it is, 19 man Crucia kill.

Warrior DPS point of view complete with head smashing on the keyboard at the end:

Cleric Tank point of view with TS background:

Big Archon Point of view:

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2 Responses

  1. Ex-Rifter

    Gratz on the world 1st.
    Though I’ve stopped playing Rift, it’s always a pleasure to check your blog to see what’s going on in the game, and also see boss fights I’ll never have the opportunity to do.

  2. Ciardharift

    So where is the guide to it? Its been some time now and there are guides to every other boss. :/

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