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Cyril Kill Video

Cyril is the second boss in the 10 man raid Triumph of the Dragon Queen. He is pretty much a tank and spank fight and if you made it past Grand Falconer Zoles you will for sure have no problems downing Cyril.

Cyril Raid Setup

This encounter is easy. You need 2 tanks because of the tank swap mechanic. Any class can tank Cyril easily.

To heal this fight you only need one healer to be honest, but because of the mind controls you probably want to be on the safe side and have 2 healers just to be sure. If you want to push it to the limit as Paul would say, instead of using a second healer you can have a Chloro/Archon and not have a Bard.

For DPSing, it’s best to be ranged because he knocks back and roots a lot, but if you’re melee it’s no issue.

Cyril Kill Video

Brought to us by Oria, here it is, the World First Cyril kill in Triumph of the Dragon Queen.

Cleric tank point of view.

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