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Dragon Eggs Loot Table

The Dragon Eggs don’t have a very diverse loot table. Basically there are only 2 types of items that can drop from this fight. Trinkets or the chest pieces that can be upgraded with the Heart of Maelforge.

This encounter is just a big loot pinata so go ahead and grab your trinkets and your best in slot chests (if you ever get your hands on a Flaming Heart of Maelforge that is :)

Dragon Eggs Trinkets

Let’s begin with the Crown of Molten Gold, the DPS trinket for casters that goes with the relic weapon from Maelforge.

Crown of Molten Gold

Next trinket is the DPS trinket for melee: Gaiane’s Aftershock.

Gaiane's Aftershock

The healing trinket is an upgraded version of the Token of Warding. It’s called Kamuzu’s Stratified Shield and in my opinion is a nice trinket, especially if you can get your hands on the 2 set bonus.

Kamuzu's Stratified Shield

Except the set trinkets, this boss also drops trinkets that are similar to the Golem Inductor from Hammerknell ones except that they award 1 spell power/attack power more then their lower tier brothers. The Kushi’s Petrified Detonator is one of them.

Kushi's Petrified Detonator

The Greed of Burburov trinket is the “upgraded” version of the Abyssal Mark of Power that drops from Darktide in Hammerknell. I must say Trion demonstrates a complete lack of imagination when it comes to trinkets.

Greed of Burburov

Dragon Eggs Chests

This boss also drops chest pieces that can be upgraded using the Flaming Heart of Maelforge. I’m not sure if the chests are worth upgrading and take priority over the weapons, but you should save them in your bank if they drop, you never know.

One of the chests that drop is a cleric chest. It missed the endurance stat but it is better then the Hammerknell relic.

Cassock of Condemnation

The mage chest is called Raiment of the Flamegazer and it has all the necessary stats on it. It’s a very good item.

Rainment of the Flamegazer

Next chest in line is the warrior one, the Boneplate of Calamity.

Boneplate of Calamity

The Coat of Smoldering Flames is the rogue chest that can be upgraded with the Flaming Heart of Maelforge.

Coat of the Smoldering FLames

The next chest we are going to take a look at is the Shepherd’s Brimstone Cuirass, the cleric tanking chest.

Shepher's Brimstone Cuirass

Time for the rogue tanking chest to make it’s debut on the loot table, the Bindings of the Shade.

Bindings of the Shade

I will keep this updated.

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