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Ember Conclave Tactics

The Ember Conclave is the council type encounter of Infernal Dawn. There are 3 bosses that we will have to fight: Witchlord Szath, Emberlord Ereetu and Packmaster Nahoth. They don’t look very impressive and you can easily mistake them with some mobs from Lantern Hook. I think Trion spent all the art budget on making big golden dragons and completely forgot about the poor Ember Council.

Nonetheless they are the last fight in the Fire Wing of Infernal Dawn. This encounter has a Hard Mode, which awards Ereetu’s Focusing Crystal as an extra piece of loot. This is used to upgrade shoulders that drop from Infernal Dawn.

Ember Conclave Infernal Dawn

(Notice one of our happy rogues jumping in the picture ^^)

Ember Conclave Tactics

This is a very fun encounter. You need to kill the council members one by one and each time you kill one of them the remaining ones will grow even stronger so the order in which you kill them is crucial. Based on this, Trion made a “hard mode” for this encounter. The Hard Mode awards one extra chest of loot and it is obtain when you kill Emberlord Ereetu last. Unfortunately things didn’t really work as intended and the Hard Mode way of killing them is actually the easiest way to do it at the moment.

Let’s start by taking a look at what each member does in every phase.

Emberlord Ereetu

Phase 1 (when all 3 of them are alive):

  • He has an anti-stack mechanic called Explosive Bolt. He casts it on a random player and when it lands it deals around 3.7k splash damage. Quite annoying if people are stacked.
  • He also cleaves, I believe it’s called Fire Claw. This ability will kill any melee that isn’t properly positioned.
  • He will choose a random person in the raid and casts a fire crystal at him. This crystal will radiate damage around it, about 4k/tick and will not despawn until the end of the fight so place them carefully.
  • Every 15 seconds or so he will cast Dark Invocation. You can interrupt this ability. If you fail to interrupt he will randomly fear one person. It can be dispelled and you can Break Free out of it, but it is better to interrupt it, you don’t want people to walk into the crystals because of it.
  • If someone dies while Emberlord Ereetu is alive an add will spawn that has to be picked up by a tank. If you fail to many times and you get to many of these adds your tanks will eventually die so be careful.

Phase 2 (when only 2 of them are alive):

  • All the abilities listed above.
  • When you kill one of his friends a big demon will spawn from it’s corpse. It has around 1 million HP and needs to be picked up and offtanked. There is no point in killing it.
  • Brink of Extension is supposed to be the tank swap mechanic on this boss. He will place it on the current tank. The tank will start glowing and after 5 seconds he will explode killing everyone in 10-15 meters range and he will get stunned for 2 seconds. The idea behind this ability is that Emberlord should be taunted by the second tank and the tank with the debuff can run away from the raid, but if you have no melee on Emberlord then you can just ignore the mechanic.

Phase 3 (he is the only one left alive):

  • All the abilities listed above.
  • He will spawn a fire trail behind him that hits for around 4.7k/tick. This ability is called Infernal Torrent, you can see him casting it so if you are in melee you can move out to prevent being oneshotted. Again, if there is no melee on the boss then you can just ignore this mechanic.

Witchlord Szath

Phase 1 (all 3 of them are alive):

  • He will randomly mind control a person. In order to free this person you need to DPS him down. You need to deal around 80.000 damage to him before he comes back to his senses. Be quick to deal with them since they can hurt your raid quite a bit. Soul Drain and knock-backs are really a pain. As it’s HP drops lower he will mind control 2 people, then 3, up to a maximum of 5 people.
  • Molten Lash is a whip type of ability. He will cast it on the tank and it will spread to anyone in a 15 meters range from the tank. It’s initial hit is about 1.5k then it leave a dot on the people that got hit that also ticks down for 1.500 damage/tick. Can be dispelled so have your Archon to chain cast dispell on the melee.

Phase 2 (when only 2 of them are alive):

  • All the abilities above.
  • He gains an anti-stack mechanic called Ember Rain. It works like the Demonic Blast on Murdantix. You need to have 8 people standing at range to avoid having it cast in melee. It deals around 2k damage and it has a splash effect when it lands. You need to be in 6 meters of each other not to AoE the person standing next to you.
  • He also gains a tank swap mechanic called Profuse Hemorrhage. This is represented by a stacking debuff on the tank that increases the damage he takes. The tank gains 1 stack every time he receives a heal. The tanks can endure around 20-30 stacks without being hit to hard. To remove this debuff the tank needs to jump on one of the grills located around the edge of the room. Once he jumps on the grill the debuff will be gone but he will have to wait for 8 seconds before he can taunt Whichlord back because jumping on the grill will give him an 8 seconds debuff that will set his armor and toughness to 0. If the tank stands to long on the grill he will take about 4.5k damage/tick so don’t forget to heal him.

Phase 3 (him being the only one left):

  • All the abilities above.
  • Brink of Extension, the same as the one used by Emberlord Ereetu. This will turn the fight into a 3 tank swap rotation.
  • He also gains a meteor type ability called Molten Slag. You need to stack to share the damage otherwise the person getting it will die. About 9 people have to stack for it. So the way to deal with this is, stack in melee wait for the meteor to happen then immediately spread for Ember Rain, then stack back up as soon as he casted Ember Rain. So pretty much a run in, run out tactic.

Packmaster Nahoth

Phase 1 (all 3 of them are alive and well):

  • He cleaves, so don’t stand in front of him.
  • He puts a dot on a random person, can be dispelled.

Phase 2 (only 2 left alive):

  • All the abilities mentioned above.
  • When taken to Phase 2 he gains the most annoying ability in the history of annoying abilities: Feedback. He will cast it as soon as one of his friends dies and then every 45 seconds after this. The animation of this ability is a purple flash emanating from the boss. This ability will give everyone a 6 seconds debuff. For every ability you cast during these 6 seconds you will gain a Feedback stack that will deal around 2.3k damage. Having 2 stacks is fine, having 3 stacks is close call, having 4 stacks is bye bye you’re dead, so stop casting as soon as you see the purple animation.
  • He will also gain a tank swap mechanic called Unstable Conflagration. You can solo tank it and eat the mechanic but make sure you heal the tank because he is going to get hit hard. What this mechanic does is kick the tank 10 meters backwords, then fear him for 8 seconds. While he is feared he will emanate damage, around 4.5k/tick so people need to move away from him. Melee especially needs to pay attention to this mechanic. Also it seems that pets might aggro the boss while the tank is feared.

Phase 3 (he is the only one left standing):

  • All the abilities mentioned above EXCEPT FEEDBACK.
  • Molten Slag, only this time it is not a stack mechanic but a run away mechanic. A random person in the raid will get an yellow bubble around him. He has 5 seconds to run away from everyone else before he gets rooted in place and start emanating  damage. He needs to be healed so watch out not to run out of range. Quite tricky to see who gets it if it’s in melee since the boss doesn’t target the person before he casts it, nor does it have a debuff showing on raid frames.
  • Brink of Extinction, only this time he will cast it on a random raid member. The area around that person will glow yellow and he will gain a speed buff, he needs to move away from the raid. As it’s HP drops lower he will start applying this debuff on 2 people, then 3, up to 5 people.
  • As soon as his friends died he will spawn a wisp with 943k HP anywhere in a range of 30 meters of him. This wisp deals aoe damage to the raid (can’t be out ranged). Every 5 seconds it gains a stacking buff that increases fire damage dealt. You can outheal up to 5 stacks before you wipe so it needs to be burned down. The issue with doing this is that you will have no DPS uptime on the boss at all. Pulling the boss on top of the wisp is also an issue because of the tank swap mechanic.

Now let’s get to the actual tactics. The so called easy mode says to kill them in this order: Emberlord -> Packmaster -> Witchlord. After trying to kill them in all 3 orders I believe that killing them in the “Hard mode” order is actually the easiest way to do it at the moment. So Packmaster -> Witchlord -> Emberlord would be the way to do it.

Phase 1:

Pull Emberlord to the top right corner of the map. Have a tank, a chloromancer, a purifier and a sent/warden there to heal the tank and each other. Tank the boss between the pillars while the 3 healers spread out on top of the stairs. Interrupt the Dark Invocation so you don’t get feared into crystals. Place the crystals wisely. When you run out of space to place the crystals move along the top part of the room, but this shouldn’t be the case in Phase 1.

Have Packmaster tanked opposite to Emberlord, on the other set of stairs on the top left corner of the room. Have everyone to stack behind him. If you get a crystal in the raid move up the stairs. Cleave down the mind controlled person. If someone from the Emberlord’s camp gets MCed have 2 people to run to him and free him.

Take Witchlord to the left side of the room, close to the wall. There should only be a chloromancer healing him, that needs to stand as close to the wall as possible to avoid placing crystals in the middle of the room.

Council Room p1

If something ever happens and you have to move to combat ress someone or break a mind control or take over something make sure to walk close to the edge of the room to avoid random placing of crystals. By doing it this way there should be no deaths. Make sure the Archon spams dispell on the melee camp (represented with Grey) and other then the occasional Molten Lash there shouldn’t be any raid damage.

The arrows show the way you need to move if a crystal spawns on you. This should ensure that the middle of the room remains free of crystals for Phase 3.

Phase 2:

When Packmaster is at 5% make sure to let Witchlord’s tank know so he can position himself before Packmaster dies. When Packmaster dies everyone should jump down and position behind Witchlord. One rogue will have to join Emberlord’s camp and help with interrupting the fear (Dark Invocation). Also Packmaster’s tank needs to pick up the adds that spawns when the boss dies.

Council Room p2

This is quite simple. The Emberlord camp needs to stay alive and keep the tank up. There is no Feedback to stop them from spamming heals. The Witchlord’s camp needs to DPS the boss as fast as possible and the tanks need to swap and cleanse their debuffs. Make sure that they AoE taunt so when the swap occurs the replacing tank gets both the boss and the add. Remember that the tank that is going to jump on the grill is going to have his armor and toughness reduced to 0 for 8 seconds.

What can I say about this phase, stay alive and DPS down the mind controlled people. There shouldn’t be any reason at all to die here.

Phase 3:

When Witchlord is at 5% move Emberlord to the middle of the room. Everyone spread around him in a circle and nuke him down. Melee just poke him with whatever ranged ability you have. Don’t get close to him or you will die, resulting in you spawning an add and the raid leader being unhappy.

The other 2 tanks should each take 1 big add and tank it to the side of the room or wherever there is space and pick up any adds that spawn if someone dies. If you have enough ranged people you should end the fight with enough time left of the enrage timer. If you don’t you can still tank him for quite some time after he enrages.

This is it, the easiest way to do it, with the least tank swap mechanics and the least annoying abilities. Only downside is that the warriors will probably have to tank if they wish to join this fight since it’s really all about ranged DPS in Phase 3. Have fun killing them and enjoy the extra loot !

Ember Conclave Raid Setup

3 tanks: 2 warriors, 1 cleric

6 healers: 2 chloromancers, 1 purifier, 2 senticars, 1 sent/warden

11 DPS and support: as less melee as possible, warriors should use the dual-wield specc so they can do the maximum DPS possible from range.

I think you can also do it with one less healer. There is not a lot of AoE damage to heal and you don’t really need a lot of combat resses, if to many people die you can’t recover from it anyway. Feel free to adjust your raid according to your needs.

Ember Conclave Achievements

There are three achievement for this encounter. The first one involves defeating the Ember Conclave and it is called: Meeting Adjourned.

Meeting Adjourned - Infernal Dawn

The second one is something I would had expected to see in a council type fight. Could you guess what it might be ? It is called Embromance and in three separate attempts you have to defeat each member of the council last. If we come to think about Darkening Deeps and how the council fight goes there, leaving the shaman last used to be a pain. I assume this is going to be the case for this achievement also. One of those three guys is going to be a pain to kill last.

Embromance - Infernal Dawn

And my assumption seems to be confirmed by the next achievement, Impossi…Breetu. Defeat the Ember Conclave killing Emberlord Ereetu last. This is suppose to be the “Hard mode” of the encounter but so far it has proven to be the easiest order to kill them in.

Impossi... breetu - Infernal dawn

Have fun taking them down and stealing their loot !

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  2. Joe_Smoe

    Does your mini-raid group ever have to worry about getting mind controlled? If not, how are you guys avoiding this?

  3. admin

    If the group taking care of Ereetu is getting mind controlled then you have to send in the rescue squad to break the mind control. Send some ranged rogues or cleric, 2-3 should do, and also use cooldowns on the tank so he doesn’t die.

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