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Gelidra Kill Video

Gelidra is the first boss in the 20 man raid Frozen Tempest. The fight is not so easy if you’re coming in with blue gear. But the more gear you get the easier it becomes.

Gelidra Raid Setup

For this fight you need 2 tanks. I think the Rogue/Cleric combo would work the best and the worst would be Cleric/Cleric.

To heal this encounter we used 2 Chloromancers, 1 Sent/Puri and 1 high Sentinel.

As support we had 1 Bard and 1 Archon.

The DPS squad can be made out of any classes as long as your raid totals 150k DPS to meet the enrage timer.

Gelidra Kill Video

For Gelidra we have the recording of our first kill from 2 players.

Cleric tank point of view.

Mage healer point of view – complete with annoying commercial at the start !

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