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General Typhiria Kill Video

General Typhiria is the last boss in Triumph of the Dragon Queen and it’s quite a step up in difficulty from the previous 3 bosses. This boss actually has mechanics that will never outgear, so if you intend to ever pug this raid you would want to learn the strats.

General Typhiria Raid Setup

This boss requires only 1 tank, doesn’t matter which class.

To heal this boss you probably need 3 healers. The AOE damage in Phase 1 is insane. Use a Chloro, a Warden and maybe a Purifier that shield the entire raid with Symbol of the Sun.

For support you can use a Bard or a Tactician/Bard hybrid.

The DPS squad can play either melee or ranged, it doesn’t matter.

General Typhiria Kill Video

For some reason we only recorded 4 minutes 30 of the fight, but it’s enough to see what happens in both phases. I will be bringing you a full video of the fight Monday.

Cleric tank point of view – full version :)

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