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Grand Falconer Zoles Kill Video

Grand Falconer Zoles is the first boss in the 10 man raid Triumph of the Dragon Queen. The fight is easy and it shouldn’t take you very long to down him.

To avoid painful wipes it is advised to have 420 hit as a DPSer and 400 toughness as a tank.

Grand Falconer Zoles Raid Setup

If you’re gear isn’t that great you will have to pull off a balancing act for this boss. You will need to maximize DPS to meet the enrage timer while still having enough healers to survive.

You will need 2 tanks for this boss. Any class will do as long as they have at least 400 toughness.

For healing you can use a Purifier to shield the raid so you can survive the AOE damage from Lightning Sphere even if you have to kill 3 adds and a chloro to help heal the tanks and the raid.

For support you can have a Bard because it boosts the entire raid DPS and provides almost all the needed buffs/debuffs.

In the DPS squad you can have either melee or ranged players, it doesn’t matter because you will be stacked up behind the boss almost all the time.

Grand Falconer Zoles Kill Video

Our first Grand Falconer Zoles kill crashed the European Shards. Here it is, caught on tape !

Cleric Tank point of view.

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